10 Things You Must Avoid So That You Do Not End Up Ruining Your Wedding Photos


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10 Things You Must Avoid So That You Do Not End Up Ruining Your Wedding Photos

The song that your BFF danced on, your mehendi, the jokes that you shared, the times when you were overwhelmed with emotions; this all would be a distant memory once the wedding gets over. But, your wedding photos would live on forever to tell your story. Now imagine that one physical evidence of your wedding being ruined by things that were in your control, but you never thought about them. These Smart Tricks To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos will be really useful. But, knowing what not to do is equally useful!

So, read on to know how you can end up ruining your wedding photos, and avoid them at all cost!

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#1. Choosing a photographer that you do not get along with

A wedding photographer is bound to follow you around the whole day taking lots of photographs, and even giving you some instructions in between. And, if you are uncomfortable with the photographer, it will show in the pictures, which you definitely do not want to happen. So, while choosing your wedding photographer, make sure that you get along with him/her. For that, you can even arrange for a pre-wedding shoot.

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#2. Your photographer does not know anyone in your wedding

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Vidaai is one of the most emotional moments in any Indian wedding, and a perfect time to capture your otherwise strong dad breaking down like a child. Or, even your grandma giving you a tight loving hug, or your sister helping you out with everything. For photos that would mean a world to you, your photographer needs to know in advance about the people who are important to you and must be there in the photograph.

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#3. Not giving your photographer a list of specific shots that you want

Since it is your wedding, you must have done some research and come up with a few must-have shots in your mind. It is important that you sit down with your photographer and give him an idea of the shots that you have in your mind. Say, if you want a photograph of you and your soon-to-be husband sharing an intimate moment, then let your photographer know about it!

#4. Your photographer is the last one to see your wedding venue

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Bad lighting would ruin your images. Showing the venue in advance would help the photographer decide how he/she can play with the lighting and from where he can get good shots. It would also help him come up with some ideas for interesting frames before the ceremony begins.

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#5. A heavily done makeup

You definitely do not want to look like an alien bride looking back at you in your wedding photos. So, go easy on your makeup. Keep it simple, natural and minimal. Go for a trial makeup with your makeup artist, and click pictures of you to see how it would look. Remember to use cosmetics that are meant to work great with pictures, like a high definition foundation, a primer, etc. Keep a box of oil absorbing sheets handy to wipe off that excess oil.

#6. Using substandard over the counter cosmetics

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Any wedding is an emotional affair. There would be hundreds of moments when you would get all teary. And, imagine how ghastly it would look if a drop of tear rolls down your eyes staining your cheek with black mascara. To prevent such unsightly accidents, it is important that your makeup kit consist of products that are reliable, waterproof and smudge proof.

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#7. Striking a bad pose

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20 years from now, do you want your kids to laugh at your wedding pictures because you looked ridiculous, no right? This is your big day, so bring out the fun-loving side of you and pose. To look slimmer in the photos, strike a side pose exposing only three fourth of your body, and avoid looking straight into the camera. Remember to keep your posture straight when the photographer is taking a snap.

#8. The groom and the bride hiring different photographers for the same functions

Having more than one photographer to shoot the pictures of the same wedding functions, would turn into a chaos with all of them fighting for space. And, you would end up getting pictures that are just average and half of them would have photographers or lighting equipments in them. Instead of having a photographer from each side, hire one good wedding photographer, and then of course, you can share the images.

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#9. Ignoring the photographer’s comfort and eating arrangements

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A well-fed and rested photographer is a must to ensure that your pictures come out good. So, appoint someone from your friends or your family to ensure that the photographer has his tummy full, and takes small breaks in between.

#10. Being stressed out

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It is impossible to please each and every one, and it does not even matter whether your next door aunty liked the lehenga you selected or not, or if someone thinks the menu is not that great. All that matters is your happiness. So, forget about everything, all the problems, or things that have gone wrong, and have fun. Laugh a lot and the happiness will reflect in your photographs.

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Avoid these mistakes, and take gorgeous pictures of memories you would never want to forget.