12 Things That Should Never Change Between Couples Even After Marriage


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12 Things That Should Never Change Between Couples Even After Marriage

No doubt the dating period and the courtship that follows it until you get married to your loved one is the most special phase of your relationship because of which, it is also called the golden period of your life. But many a times, after the fun phase of getting married, settling in and way after the honeymoon is over, couples get caught in the daily rut of their work, household chores, and then later, the kids. And due to all this, not all remains the same between them. The love is still there, but the spark goes missing.

So to avoid that from happening, here are 12 things that couples must consciously put in an effort to do even after tying the knot.

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#1. Saying “I Love You”

12 Things That Should Never Change Between Couples Even After Getting Married

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Yes your spouse knows that you do, but one can never get enough of hearing these three magical words, right? So say it like you mean it!

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#2. Planning date nights

12 Things That Should Never Change Between Couples Even After Getting Married

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Booking a dinner table at the restaurant you first met at, going for movies, and talking about how much you enjoyed doing all the things you did as a dating couple. Do little things that make all the difference. And, talking about it might make you do all those things all over again.

#3. Role playing

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Before making love of course! It just adds up to the mood and sets an adventurous tone. Also, wouldn’t it be a good thing to spice things up a little?

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#4. Being spontaneous

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Picking up your car and driving down to a hill station for the weekend, buying your spouse an expensive gift he/she always wanted, or getting a tattoo; just doing whatever your heart says, when it says, just the way you used to before getting married.

#5. Making time for each other no matter what

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Irrespective of work commitments or bad health days! Didn’t you always make time for catching up before getting hitched, you certainly did! Why should it be any different now then? Quality time can never be too much anyway!

#6. Taking romantic vacations

Just the two of you, sans the kids or parents, to be more specific! You need that alone peaceful time to reconnect, to put your household and work-related stress behind and just talk to each other. Discuss what bothers you and what makes you happy. You can even go on a backpacking adventure to reignite the spark of madness, doing all those things that you cannot do back home.

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#7. Going Dutch

12 Things That Should Never Change Between Couples Even After Getting Married

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Well obviously, you will not pay separately every time you go to eat out with your spouse, but you can at least take turns to make the other one feel pampered for a change.

#8. Showing gratitude

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Say thank you, appreciate all that your partner does for you, and do not constantly criticise. Thank God for the beautiful life you and your partner have made for yourselves!

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#9. Surprising each other

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Who does not like to be surprised? Well pleasantly of course! A gift that your spouse wanted for long, getting a booking at that fancy restaurant your spouse always wanted to try, a surprise birthday bash etc. Do things that will make your love go head over heels for you all over again!

#10. Complimenting each other

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Again, not because you have to, but because you want to and because you mean what you say! A small compliment can brighten up a rather bad day for your partner any day!

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#11. Being in touch

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You do not need a minute-by-minute record of your whereabouts throughout the day, but a general communication with each other about where you are and how you are doing will suffice! Just the way you used to call your partner often before getting married.

#12. Spending ample time with your friends

And allowing your partner to do so! It is not something for which your partner should seek permission from you. You spent ample amount of time with your friends before too and your partner never had a problem. And that should continue always. Give space and take it back is what you need to do here!

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Don’t ever start taking your partner or your relationship for granted just because you are together now, married and living in the same house. Value each other, love each other and respect your relationship to never let the spark die!