11 Things To Tell Your Partner That Are Much More Romantic Than Saying I Love You


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11 Things To Tell Your Partner That Are Much More Romantic Than Saying I Love You

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner has now become more of an everyday thing than being something special. When you bid each other goodbye every morning, when you disconnect each other’s call, before sleeping every night and at many such other instances, you usually end your conversation by saying these three magical words. You obviously say it because you mean it. But, there are a few other things that mean much more than ‘I love you’, and can make your partner’s day if you say those to them.

So, we get you a list of those wonderful things to tell your partner that are much more romantic than saying ‘I love you’.

#1. I love your body. Your workouts are paying off!

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After all, your partner is working out to get that perfectly toned body to impress you only. And, getting a thumbs up on their efforts from the person they are doing it for would be heavenly!

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#2. You look smashing hot

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Let’s face it, everyone wants to hear these four words more often than the ‘three magical words’. And, those words coming from you can also reward you with something special at night!

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#3. I love you a million times more than yesterday

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Awww… Isn’t that what you want to hear every single moment of your existence? So, why don’t you say it to them as well!

#4. I love the way you play that guitar

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Or any other instrument for that matter! Appreciation is what you need from your partner and vice versa. Isn’t that right?

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#5. Watching you cook makes me go ‘oh my my’!

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Well, this one is only for the ladies to tell their partners. Firstly, guys do not cook quite frequently. And when they do, hearing those words coming out of your mouth can win you more meals cooked by him in a week for sure!

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#6. You are the funniest man I know

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Sorry boys, here is another suggestion exclusively for the ladies! So girls, guys love it when their woman compliments them for having an awesome sense of humour. It somehow boosts their male ego to a different level. Trust us, what this sentence does to your relationship is something that even ‘I love you’ cannot do.

#7. I am having such a bad day, thank God I have you by my side

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Knowing that your company and support is all that your partner wants even on their worst days is like a sweet music to your ears, right?

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#8. Thank you for being mine and for everything else! I feel so lucky to have you

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Letting your partner know how grateful you are to have them in your life is the best gesture of them all.

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#9. Your skin is glowing more day by day. What are you doing?

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So boys, here is one suggestion just for you! Saying this will simply add some extra natural blush to her cheeks. And, we certainly need not mention the rewards that you are going to get for saying this!

#10. Our bedroom time is the best ever!

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Getting appreciated for this, now that is an achievement!

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#11. You made my day

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“And you made mine by saying so!” Isn’t that the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing those words from your partner?

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Well, we know you cannot wait anymore to say all of these things to your partner. So, go give them a hug and say it right now! And, if you want to hear any of these from your partner, then just share this article with them to let them know about your secret wishes!

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