6 Emotions Every Younger Brother Goes Through When His Elder Partner In Crime Is Getting Married


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6 Emotions Every Younger Brother Goes Through When His Elder Partner In Crime Is Getting Married

So, your big brother is getting married. The guy who taught you all the tricks of your favourite sport, with whom you shared all your secrets and who gave you tips to woo girls is all set to share all his things to her new partner. He is the guy who helped you learn lessons, both for school and life, and now he is the one who is beginning a new chapter in his life.

There must be hundreds of thoughts running through your mind while preparing for your brother's marriage. You must be loaded with responsibilities related to arrangements, receiving guests, looking for gifts, managing finances and whatnot. And above all, you are given the responsibility to take good care of the newest member of your family, your sister-in-law. After all, she is coming into a new family and leaving her own.

Weddings come with loads of emotions. So, if your big brother's marriage is around the corner, check the enlisted 6 emotions that you might be experiencing at the moment.

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#1. You are going to miss your room (and roommate)

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Yes, he is the best roommate you could ever have, but not anymore. One of you has to move out of the room now. And most likely it's going to be you. So, this is the time to remember the things that really belong to you and those you had borrowed from him and never returned.

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#2. Will you get a new partner in crime?

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Whether it is planning a family trip, or asking permission for a night out, or even proposing a girl, you will not have to necessarily depend on your brother alone for ideas and support now. Just become friends with your bhabhi now and include her in your gang. Additionally, she can also give more ideas to make your job easy.

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#3. How do you make it the best day for the couple?

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We are sure you would want everything to be grand, after all, it is your brother's marriage. You want to set a new benchmark for marriage celebrations in your family. So, take help from your friends and cousins to make the best plans for the day. The best way would be to surprise them by doing something unexpected for them. While you would know what can impress your brother, make some extra efforts to know what your bhabhi likes as well.

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#4. You want to look like a hero

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No matter how much you hate shopping, you have to do it this time. You cannot afford to look any less than a heartthrob that day. This day would not return, so do not be a lazy bum, and shop the best that you can. Do not give any of your friends a chance to win the show. This occasion is the best to attract maximum attention. Trust us! While the groom is busy with the traditions and rituals, it will be your turn to steal the show.

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#5. Wish your brother gets hot saalis!

things guy experience on brother wedding saalis

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You so want to sing the song dulhe ki saliyon, hare dupatte walion with them on the day! You will get all the licence to flirt and flaunt. Wouldn't it be a turn off to know that there are no saalis to do all that with? And, what if there are plenty? A cherry on the top, right?

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#6. You are next in line

things guy experience on brother wedding you are next

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Many of the aunties must have already said this to you. If this irritates you, then be prepared because this is going to be the favourite line of many guests on the day of your brother's marriage. So, keep yourself at bay from the nagging aunties, and the scanning eyes of people who come to a wedding to hunt for a groom!

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Well, your brother's wedding is a big affair. So, make sure you put in all the efforts to make his day a special one. After all, your brother will always remain your confidante for life, married or single.