10 Ways To Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant


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10 Ways To Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Being pregnant is a blessing, but to bring a child into the world isn't just a piece of cake! Pregnancy comes with various ups and downs, and it becomes difficult to deal with them without a constant support.

If your bhabhi is pregnant, you can pamper her by adopting these simple, yet wonderful ways!

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#1. Helping her with the mood swings

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy can induce conflicting emotions in the mother. She is happy, sad, irritated and wonderful, all at the same time. The credit for these mood swings goes to the increased level of hormones. Don't let her beat herself up because it isn't her fault. Be her emotional support at every step. This is a great way to make her feel happy.

#2. Taking the initiative

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy can make a mother feel tired. It isn't easy to nurture a life that is growing inside you. Help her out even before she asks. Take the initiative and be her partner. When you are pregnant, doing even the basic things can be tough. So, pamper her by sharing her load.

#3. Curbing the cravings

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Cravings and pregnancy go hand in hand. Whether it is in a daily soap, a movie or in real life; we all have seen how crazy the cravings of a pregnant woman can be. So, stock your pantry with the things that you think she might ask for. Fill her room and side table with healthy snacks and whenever she makes that face, ask her what she is craving for and bring it to her!

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#4. Decorating the nursery

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Nesting is an important part of the pregnancy. It is the preparations that the parents do before the arrival of their little one. Setting up the nursery is one of the major and most essential parts of this process. Every mother wants a perfect nursery for her new born. So, help her to decorate the nursery. Fill it up with all the things that she wants, and we are sure that she will never forget it.

#5. Binge eating with her

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy can be hard for some women. You gain weight at a rapid rate, which leads to body image problems but you cannot go on a diet. Eating, thus, creates a conflict in the mind of a pregnant woman. Since we all are aware that eating right and frequently is necessary for the health of the mother and the child, you eat with her. You can hit the gym later on but if you will share her meals, she wouldn't feel guilty about eating.

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#6. Massage

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Sore body is a common phenomenon that every woman faces during pregnancy. Just make her sit down and give her a gentle massage. You do not need to go fancy or buy various oils for it. Just use your hands. She will feel relaxed and it will help her to get rid of the pain as well. She is going to love you for it.

#7. Morning sickness after treat

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Morning sickness is a sign that your body is now preparing for the growth and development of a life inside it. It is a good signal as far as the health of the baby is concerned, but is surely not a joy ride for the mother. If your bhabhi is also experiencing it, pamper her by holding her hair while she does her business and later give her some refreshing treats to lift her spirits.

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#8. Nail paint

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

We all know how fond women are of pedicures and nail paints, but pregnant women cannot paint their toe nails. Put some fragrance free nail paints on the toenails of your bhabhi while she is pregnant. It is a very simple thing, but for her it will be a gesture that will become her fond memory.

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#9. Baby shower

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Since your bhabhi is not going to go to parties for a while, throw one just for her. Baby showers are important for all the would-be-mothers. Organise a sweet and simple baby shower for her and make her feel extra special.

#10. Planning and plotting

Pamper Your Bhabhi When She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy isn't only about giving birth to a child; it is also about planning a future for the baby. Help your bhabhi in making her plans before the baby is born. Be a part of the research and help her to find the best for the little one.

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Your bhabhi will never forget all the wonderful things that you will do for her. These things will help you to bond with her and your yet to be born nephew or niece too. Pamper her as much as you can. Be her constant during her pregnancy.

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