21 Things Every Girl Feels Or Does When Her Brother Gets Married


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21 Things Every Girl Feels Or Does When Her Brother Gets Married

He is your friend, guide, and at times your bodyguard too! And no matter how much you fight with him, tease him or play pranks on him, you just love your brother with all your heart. Every day is a fun day with him. And this happiness increases twofold when your brother is all set to become a groom!

You are all excited and feel or do various things when your brother's marriage gets fixed. What are all things we talking about? Well, then read on to know all about it.

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#1. What to wear

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Just when the news of your bhai's marriage surfaces, first thought which comes to your mind is, "What should I wear", "Have to now check latest lehenga designs", "Where I should I go for shopping", "Have to start shopping asap" and what not!

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#2. What gift to ask for from your bhai

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You prepare a list of things which you would want from your brother as a gift. So what if it is your brother's marriage and you should be the one giving him a gift! You are his pyari behen so why miss the chance to rob him!

#3. Emotional blackmailing

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And if by chance, your brother refuses to fulfil your demand, you start emotionally blackmailing him by saying "Ya, now why will you give me gifts, you are getting married now", "Ladka paraya ho gaya ab" and all types of sentimental dialogues you can think of.

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#4. Shopping for your brother’s big day

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You will search for all the dress options which your brother can wear on various occasions. And you will even accompany him for all his shopping and pick the best things for him. After all, he is your brother and should look the best on every wedding function, especially on his special day.

#5. Planning everything like a pro

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Be it the idea of stage decoration, brother's entry, invitation card design or any other wedding preparation, you will make sure it gets a green signal from you first. You feel like a wedding planner.

#6. Selecting the playlist and choreographing performances

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You will prepare a list of all the peppy numbers to dance on the sangeet night. And if possible, you will choreograph a dance with your mom and dad for your bhai. "Chotte Chhote bhaiyo ke bade bhaiya" and "Mein Joru Ka Gulam" song will definitely be on your list.

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#7. Irritating your brother whenever he is talking to your 'Bhabhi'

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You take your sweet revenge for all that time your brother has annoyed you by disturbing him whenever he is talking to his would-be on phone or is on a video call with her. And you feel immensely happy!

#8. Being philosophical

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You will give all sorts of gyan to your brother about how to keep a girl happy. And will end your pravachan by saying, "Bhai, remember, a happy wife is a happy life".

#9. Being an advisor

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Living his last bachelor days to the fullest, and doing things which he likes the most will be your other advice to your beloved brother.

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#10. Planning his honeymoon

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You will plan his honeymoon destination along with him.

#11. Bonding with your bhabhi

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Since, you will soon get a new friend for life, your bhabhi, you will not hesitate in sharing your brother's secrets with her.

#12. Mere brother ki dulhan

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You will keep showing your sister-in-law's pictures to your friends and relatives with excitement.

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#13. Making special efforts for your bhabhi

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Since your sister-in-law will be coming to your home, you will make sure you have every detail about what she likes and dislikes so that you can plan things accordingly.

#14. Preparing to look best

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You will leave no stone unturned to look the prettiest on the day of your brother's wedding day. After all, ladke wale hai acha to dikhna hee hai!

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#15. Dancing in baraat

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You will dance your heart out in the baraat. You are practicing your steps every now and then!

#16. Instructing your brother to look good in pictures

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You will keep telling your brother on stage to smile, not to look frustrated, to pose well, to adjust his dress and many other things every now and then so that their wedding pictures do not get spoiled.

#17. Always at your brother’s service

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No matter where you are, with whom you are, your eyes will always be on stage. Just in case, your brother needs something and is looking for you.

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#18. Happiest moment

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You will be the happiest person on the earth since your brother has finally found his soul mate.

#19. Hiding your brother’s shoes

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You will plot along with your other siblings on how to hide your brother's shoes.

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#20. Relatives talking about your marriage

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You will feel shy on being told, "Bade bhai ki to shaadi ho gayi, ab to tumhari bari hai".

#21. Getting nostalgic

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You will suddenly realise how time flies. Till yesterday you both were kids, playing together and now he is one responsible married man.

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So, did you do all these things at your brother's wedding? We are sure you must have. Weddings are always fun and if it is your brother's wedding then you become over enthusiastic. There must be many other things which you must have done or must have felt on his D-day. So, why not share them with us, and let others know how you celebrated this joyous occasion. 

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