10 Things About Men That Women Would Never Understand


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10 Things About Men That Women Would Never Understand

Time and again there are things that men end up doing that puzzle women. However, that does not stop them from raising their brows, and trying to understand the 'whys' behind men’s obsessions and quirky behavioural traits.

But, it is time to cut yourself some slack because whatever men do, it makes them quintessentially as mysterious as women are to them!

So, take a look at what they do that annoys the life out of women when it really should not!

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#1. Never ask for directions

things about men women don't understand

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Even if he is unable to figure his way out of a maze, he will never consider himself lost. Because, he thinks he is born with a natural GPS inside his head that will guide him to his destination. It is not his ego, really! So, stop worrying about him because he will eventually get there!

#2. Toilet seat syndrome

things about men that women don't understand

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This has been a bone of contention since forever. While men going to take a leak do not worry much about the toilet seat– up or down– let us take it upon ourselves to a) try training them into putting the toilet seat down, and b) if they do not understand the instructions– ‘do it yourself’! There is no point in getting into an argument.

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#3. Becoming a 4-year-old when sick!

things about men that women don't understand

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Let us accept that no matter how old a man gets, when he falls sick, he will behave like a 4-year-old craving for all the attention in this world. He likes that there is someone who will take care of him without any questions and be around 24x7.

#4. Not paying enough attention to details

things about men that women don't understand

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Men confess to being selective listeners, which means they funnel out everything (no matter if its importance for you) that is not relevant to them. For example: he won't remember your friend’s daughter’s first birthday or the dress your neighbour was wearing!

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#5. Emotionally repressed

things about men that women don't understand

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Men like to bottle their thoughts and no amount of pestering them will knock the concrete that guards their feelings. It is only in those extremely overwhelming situations that they become expressive. This does not mean that they do not care for you. He may be doing things that show he cares without you noticing it! So, be watchful.

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#6. Scratching private parts and fixing underwear

things about men women don't understand

While women do not do this in public (though we have seen some!) we have seen men that do it with a great sense of pride, or at least looking engrossed. And, we wonder if it is rude. Of course, it is, but we must also understand that it must be difficult to walk around with an organ that is also always on the move. Ouch! 

#7. Falling for the booby trap

things about men that women don't understand

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Men will be men. This pretty much answers it and there is nothing to worry about.

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#8. High distraction quotient

things about men that women dont understand

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If you ask a man to multitask, chances are that owing to his high distraction quotient he will either end up either messing it all up or doing only one of the ‘many’ things you may have asked of him. Let us credit this to their short attention span, and spare them the trouble of facing your wrath.

#9. Honey, have you seen my black trousers?

things about men that women dont understand

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Men forget where they last saw the TV remote or kept a newly bought pair of socks and end up volleying questions because they cannot find them on their own, or are too lazy to look for. So, if you know it, let them have it the easy way!

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#10. Obsession with gadgets and sports

things about men that women don't understand

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Obsession not in the same order, but obsession nonetheless. Their love for technology is almost innate and nothing in the world changes that. In fact, so is the case with sports, whether it is cricket, soccer or hockey. If they do not have time, they will make time for both! Well, we would say, let them have their space!

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So, besides what we have listed here, is there anything that your boyfriend or husband does that annoys you so much that you demand an answer? 

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