These 11 Amazingly Delicious Reception Cake Alternatives Will Make Your Guests Drool


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These 11 Amazingly Delicious Reception Cake Alternatives Will Make Your Guests Drool

When you have followed all the latest trends for your wedding, then why leave out on the wedding cake? Well, wedding cakes are a fairly new trend in Indian weddings for couples who are so trend-conscious that they do not want to miss on anything to have an unforgettable wedding. But, for all those who wish to be known as trendsetters, we will tell you of some deliciously amazing ideas to take the trend of wedding cakes a step forward.

So, if you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, bid adieu to those classic wedding cakes, and look for something new to surprise your guests. Here are some fun and fabulous alternatives to a classic wedding cake that you and your guests would absolutely love.

#1. Cake Pop Ups

Cupcake Wedding Cakes (Images Courtesy: Rainbow Sugarcraft; Wow Creations)

A cupcake tower will be one of the easiest and amazing alternatives to a traditional wedding cake. And, if you are looking for something unique and creative, then you are absolutely going to love the ‘cake shooters’ tower.

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Stunning cake shooter wedding cake (Images Via: Bellagala Blog; Pinterest)

Unlike a cupcake tower that is now becoming common now and have a standard design, the cake shooters are designed with shot glassed filled with cake and icing of varied flavours. You can choose to have a tower with multiple flavours to let your audience choose what they like. Apart from cake shooters, you can also go for cake pops. They are easy, convenient, and are available in amazing flavours and shapes, which can further uplift your dessert table’s beauty.

Stunning Cake Pops (Images Courtesy: Sweet Lauren Cakes)

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#2. Donut Tower

Image Courtesy: Alice Oszustowicz Myers Pinterest

The multi-tiered donut cake with assorted flavours looks as good as it tastes. A donut cake is not very common and hence will leave your guests surprised as they look at a multi-coloured and multi-flavoured donut tower. However, the only disadvantage is that donuts may not be loved by everyone and hence may not appeal to everyone, especially your traditional guests. But, we are sure the kids at your wedding would thank you for it!

Image Courtesy: Rainbow Sugarcraft

Image Courtesy: Ashlyn Dawson Photography; Erin Jean Photography

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#3. Colourful Macaroon Tower

Image Courtesy: Le 15 Pâtisserie (Facebook Page)

When we talk about French desserts, macaroons are probably the first thing that would come to our mind. A colourful macaroon tower cake with flavours of your choice will instantly catch the eye of every guest for the beauty that it would create at the dessert counter. You can have flavours like hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, and mango to play around with.

Image Courtesy: Anneli Marinovich Photography

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#4. Brownie Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Wow Creations (Facebook Page)

Who doesn’t love brownies? A brownie wedding cake designed in a shape and size of your choice is yet another amazing alternative to a classic wedding cake. You can choose from walnut brownies to brownie with chocolate chips or even assorted brownies, to offer some variety to your guests. Top it off with rose petals or strawberry pieces, to make it look decorative and attractive.

Images Courtesy: So Feminine; Illuminate Photography

Brownie Cakes (Images Courtesy: Wow Creations - Facebook Page)

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#5. Cookie Stack

Chocolate Cookie Ice Box Cake (Image Courtesy: Martha Stewart)

Yes, just stacks and stacks of yummy cookies are enough to break the monotony of the traditional wedding cake. Get as experimental you can with the designs and flavours, to leave your guests pleasantly surprised. What’s more? Make it even more interesting and special by adding a homemade touch to it!

Oreo Cookie Tower Wedding Cake (Image Courtesy: Hibben Photography)

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#6. Ice Cream Cake

Image Courtesy: Southern Light Photography

If you are having a summer wedding, then there can be nothing more apt and amazing than this. An ice cream cake will not only make your guests marvel your creativity, but also leave a soothing taste on their taste buds. You can go for western flavours, like mocha or dragon fruit ice cream, or go for something traditional with a saffron pistachio ice cream or a kulfi. What’s more? Ice cream and cookies together make a deadly combo as well, so you can experiment with cookies and cream or Oreo cookies and ice cream cakes as well.

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake (Image Courtesy: Brown Eyed Baker)

Oreo Ice Cream Cake (Image Courtesy: Sweet And Savory By Shinee)

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#7. Ladoo Tower

Image Courtesy: London Sweet Centre

Ladoo tower is yet another Indian sweet substitute to a traditional wedding cake. The best way to design ladoos is to make a tower which will make it look creative and mouth-watering. Add some jalebis on the bottom to give all your "sweet-tooth" guests a treat. What's more? You can also go for a cheese cake made with boondi. Now, isn't that a yummy idea?

Boondi Cheesecake (Via: iDiva)

Boondi Cheesecake (Image Courtesy: Ume's Kitchen)

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#8. Malpua Cake

Malpua Cakes with Rabdi and Mawa (Images Courtesy: Tarla DalalHappy And Harried)

This tasty and traditional Indian alternative to pancakes is an amazing dessert to replace the wedding cake. Just a stack of malpua, put together with the help of delicious rabdi or mewa, will blow everyone taste buds and minds away!

#9. Jalebi Cake

Pistachio Jalebi Cake (Image Courtesy: Omgies)

You can even turn the good, old traditional jalebi into a cake, and add that as an interesting alternative to those run-of-the-mill chocolate and vanilla wedding cakes. 

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#10. Barfi Special

Barfi Cake (Image Courtesy: Bengali Sweet House)

Indian sweets menu is not complete until we mention about our very favourite barfis. If you have been a barfi lover all your life and cannot think of a wedding without it, you can have a barfi special cake. Although kaju barfi and malai barfi are enough to add sweetness to your wedding, adding different flavours like anjeer or fruit specialities will just add some more fun to your cake.

#11. Fruity Delight

Image Courtesy: Souder Photography (Via: Style Me Pretty)

Looking for something truly different and healthy? Well, give your wedding cake, a fruity twist, literally! And, no we are not talking about fruit cakes. A tower of yummy, sweet assorted fruits or a tower of strawberries covered with chocolate is enough to tickle your guests imaginations and taste buds at one go.

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Images Courtesy: Instructables; The Berry Bouquet

Images Courtesy: Weddings In Alberta (via: Pinterest); Wow Creations

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So, what are you waiting for? If a traditional wedding cake is not your cup of tea or your style, then opt for any of these equally stunning alternatives, which would leave your guests amazed for a really long time!