These 10 Before And After Posters Portray How A Woman’s Life Changes After Marriage


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These 10 Before And After Posters Portray How A Woman’s Life Changes After Marriage

Marry In A Week has come out with ten posters that show how a woman’s life changes after marriage. It is a fact that post-marriage your life changes a lot. After marriage you have more people in your life, apart from your own parents, who will expect things from you. Gone are the days of sleeping in until late, or spending all your salary on clothes shopping. You need to budget your time as well as your income from now on. You need to think of your future, of your kids, of all your household chores and so much more!

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Here is a look at the posters that depict a woman's life before and after marriage.

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Stereotypically, our society still expects women to do all the cooking, washing and cleaning post-marriage. They are expected to adjust in their in-laws’ household, make perfectly round chapattis, feed the whole family, and take the lion's share of responsibilities when it comes to raising the kids. We sincerely believe, household chores should be divided equally between the partners. And, even your in-laws can love you like you are their own daughter!

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