The Great Khali's Love Story With His Wife, Harminder Kaur Shows Rare Side Of This Wrestling Giant

The Great Khali is one of the most fearsome wrestlers in history, but it is his love story with his lady love, Harminder Kaur, that surfaces the rare soft side of this fearsome giant. Find out!


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The Great Khali's Love Story With His Wife, Harminder Kaur Shows Rare Side Of This Wrestling Giant

World-famous wrestler, Dalip Singh Rana, known across the globe with his ring name, The Great Khali, is the first Indian to win the prestigious World Heavyweight title in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The whole nation is aware of this 7 foot 1 inch tall WWE Hall of Fame and his exploits in the ring. But only the die-hard fans are aware of his classic love story with his wife, Harminder Kaur.

Yes! The gigantic wrestler whose entry sound is enough to numb his opponents holds a completely different personality in his real life. From going on dinner dates with his wife to clicking cute selfies with their daughter, Avleen, Khali is a doting husband and a loving father, making everyone fall in love with him. However, before unfolding the most beautiful chapter of his personal life, let's take a small glimpse at his illustrious wrestling career in WWE.

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Dalip Singh Rana a.k.a., The Great Khali

The Great Khali Young

Born in the Dhiraina village of Himachal Pradesh's Sirmaur district on August 27, 1972, Dalip Singh Rana was one of the seven siblings in a poor family. During his younger days, Dalip Singh had also worked as a security guard in Shimla. During that time, he had caught the eye of a police officer from Punjab Police, who had strong connections in sports development authority and had helped many police officials to become international sportspersons.


It was in 1993, Dalip Singh was inducted into the Punjab Police, after which he had started training to become an international wrestler. After some years of intense hard work and sacrifices, Dalip Singh was selected for a specialised wrestling training program in the United States, and that was the beginning of his journey in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). On April 6, 2006, he had made his WWE television debut as a villain, beating the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker. During his time in WWE, he had won World Heavyweight Championship, 7-man Royal Rumble Winner, Slammy Award, and more titles to his name.

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The Great Khali's wife, Harminder Kaur

The Great Khali wife Harminder Kaur

The background details about The Great Khali's wife, Harminder Kaur, are quite interesting as not many people are aware that her educational and professional qualifications are of the highest order. The gorgeous lady was born near the banks of Yamuna River into a Punjabi ethnic family on January 12, 1972. Harminder had completed her schooling in Delhi and is also a Delhi University graduate. On top of that, she had also completed her Diploma in the Spanish language from DU and had gone to Spain in order to attain a Masters degree in Arts program from the University of Alcala.

The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur's love story and marriage

The Great Khali wife Harminder Kaur

While on one side, Dalip Singh was making a name for himself in the wrestling business, on the other side, Harminder Kaur was riding high on the professional front. While the two were busy in their respective careers, their families had arranged their match and had informed them about their decision. Both Dalip and Harminder had liked each other right from the beginning because of their common thirst to make big in their respective careers. As a result, the two had quickly found solace in each other.

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Khali wife Harminder kaur

After all the discussions and meetings between the two families, Dalip Singh got married to Harminder Kaur on February 27, 2002. Soon after their wedding, Dalip Singh's wrestling career had also experienced a huge boost, and after just five years of his marriage with Harminder, he had made his debut in WWE with the ring name, The Great Khali.

Khali's wife, Harminder's role in his success

Great Khali wife Harminder Kaur

However, despite Khali's growing success on the international stage and increasing popularity across the globe, Harminder Kaur had always remained behind the stage. In many media interactions and interviews, Khali had stated that his wife, Harminder, had played a major role in his success, but she always prefers to stay away from the limelight. Well, it just speaks everything about the character of Harminder, and there's no denying the fact that it's hard to find people like her in this world who support someone without having the hunger to be in the limelight.

The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur's Daughter

Khali with wife harminder kaur daughter avleen

Image Courtesy: Anil Dayal/HT PHOTO

In February 2014, The Great Khali and his wife, Harminder Kaur, had welcomed a baby girl into their lives, and her arrival had changed their lives completely. The madly in love couple named their little angel, Avleen Rana.

Khali with wife harminder kaur daughter avleen

Image Courtesy: Anil Dayal/HT PHOTO

Time and again, we have seen Khali sharing cutesy pictures with his daughter, and it just warms everyone's heart to witness the other beautiful side of this fearless giant, who is known for breaking the bones of his opponents in split seconds.

The Great Khali's net worth

Great Khali

According to a report in Net Worthier, The Great Khali's net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 43.57 crore.

Dilip Singh Rana, a.k.a., The Great Khali's journey from being a security guard to lifting the WWE world heavyweight title is nothing but inspirational. However, it's his devotion towards his wife and daughter, despite all the limelight and success, that makes him a living legend.

Cover and Images Courtesy: The Great Khali

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