Teejay Sidhu Flaunts Her Baby Bump, Shares A Beautiful Message On Embracing Your Body The Way It Is

Five months pregnant Teejay Sidhu took to her IG handle and penned an inspiring, heartfelt message about embracing your body the way it is. Check out her post inside!


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Teejay Sidhu Flaunts Her Baby Bump, Shares A Beautiful Message On Embracing Your Body The Way It Is

A woman's body undergoes a drastic change when she embarks the journey of motherhood. And the way our society is framed, people are quick to judge others on the basis of their body weight, being oblivious to the miracle the woman is carrying in her womb. Television couple, Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu are expecting their third child. Teejay shared a beautiful picture flaunting her baby bump and talked about the same in her latest post. (Recommended Read: Asha Negi Gives A Befitting Reply To A Troll Who Asked Her To Get Married Because She Is Getting Old)

Teejay Sidhu took to her IG handle on September 29, 2020, and posted a beautiful picture. Radiating pregnancy glow, she penned an inspiring, heartfelt message about embracing your body the way it is, instead of fretting over others' opinions. She also emphasised on the need to understand that every body is different and pregnancy takes a different toll on different bodies; some might put on weight, some might become skinnier. But it doesn't matter in the end because you are beautiful the way you are. Scroll down to check out her post!

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu

Teejay Sidhu's message can be read as "People tell me I'm too skinny, that I should be more massive, especially since I'm expecting. (This is my 5 months pregnancy pic.) But for me, putting on is as hard, as losing is for others. And in the first trimester, I had terrible nausea, couldn't eat anything! (Hardly any 'pregnancy glow!') Now I eat properly, I've put on weight, but it only shows on my tummy. I can't help the way I am. I would tell anyone who's an expecting Mom, whether you're on the thin/heavier side, embrace your maternity body. Don't take opinions too seriously. As long as you are healthy, there is no 'ideal' weight. Every pregnancy body is different - love yours, just as it is." On her post, the doting husband, Karanvir Bohra replied, "You're beautiful, just the way you are!"

Teejay Sidhu

On September 17, 2020, Teejay had posted a beautiful picture of her baby bump. In the picture, the actress was smiling while looking at the sunset. She had donned a green top with printed pyjamas. Alongside the picture, she had written, "Someone told me me you're not supposed to pray to the setting sun. But I do. Our 'setting' sun is the 'rising' sun in a other part of the world. I see it in a constant state of shining, so why not pray to it? And thank it for its love and warmth?It's one of the main reasons I love being in India, because there is always sunshine here. (Almost always!)." (Also Read: Mira Rajput Kapoor Opens Up On How She Organised Her Baby Boy, Zain Kapoor's Birthday Bash)

Teejay Sidhu

On September 9, 2020, Karanvir Bohra had shared a cutesy picture with his gorgeous wife, flaunting her baby bump in her hubby, Karanvir's vest. Expressing his amusement on his pregnant wife wearing his 'workout ganji', Karanvir had written, "Yeh kya baat hui @bombaysunshine? I was finding my new workout ganji... I think, all the expected mum's must be using their husbands clothes as they keep getting bigger."

Teejay Sidhu

Some days ago, Teejay had shared her thoughts on being a mommy of three. She had posted a picture and had written, "I always thought it would just be the four of us. Never imagined I'd be a #mother of three! :) Maybe a soul sees us from the other side and says, 'I want to be part of this family.' Maybe God tells that soul, 'I choose this family for you.' Maybe we have something to teach the new life.. maybe the new life has something to teach us? We don't have answers but there is some higher purpose, so we embrace these new changes. God knows what He is doing, and we trust in Him completely." (Don't Miss: Inaaya Naumi Kemmu Cuts A Unique Frozen-Themed Cake On Her Third Birthday Bash)

Teejay Sidhu

Isn't Teejay Sidhu looking gorgeous?

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