Taimur Ali Khan Spends Quality Time With Mom Kareena Kapoor And Naani Babita Before His 2nd Birthday


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Taimur Ali Khan Spends Quality Time With Mom Kareena Kapoor And Naani Babita Before His 2nd Birthday

“How can someone be so adorable?”- is something that everyone asks about Taimur, which is usually followed by, “I wish I got the opportunity to cuddle him once!” or “I just want to plant a quick peck on his cheeks!” are some repeated heaves and sighs that everyone does while talking about Taimur! One glance at him, and you will feel like pulling him out of your computer/mobile phone screen and cuddling him! Penning down your Taimur-emotions the right way, isn’t it? (Do Read: Chahatt Khanna Celebrates Youngest Daughter, Amaira Mirza's First Birthday With Great Pomp And Show)

The ‘baby of the millennium’ never ceases to make headlines, be it every new move he makes! Be it trying horse-riding for the first time, or saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to paparazzi every now and then, playing football with his daddy or making his nanny run behind him, Taimur Ali Khan is undoubtedly one of the cutest star kids on the block! With hardly 5 days left for the little prince to turn two years old, this little guy is all over the news and internet.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan

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So what is keeping Taimur busy these days? The little superstar was recently spotted cuddled in his star momma’s arms and was spending a gala time with his naani, Babita Kapoor! Getting all winter-ready, Taimur, as usual, looked dapper in a blue GAP hoodie with jeans and white shoes. And need we once again say how adorable he looks? Checkout the pictures below and decide for yourself!




Remember those days in May 2018, when Taimur was seen along with his momma, Kareena and his nanny, going towards Kareena’s mom, Babita’s house? As soon as Taimur saw shutterbugs ready with their cameras, the chote nawab freed himself of his mom’s clutch and posed for photographers like how! Checkout his picture below and p.s., don’t miss his summer man-bun!

Kareena Kapoor and Taimur

Taimur's nana, Randhir Kapoor is totally aware of the stardom of his grandson. In a February 2018 interview, he had shared with The Indian Express, "Every day I get up in the morning, and I see a picture of my grandson in the newspaper. The paparazzi is permanently stationed below the house. Now, everyone recognises his maid also! That’s because of the paparazzi." In yet another interview, he had shared, "We all love Taimur so much and we are very being cautious that he doesn’t get spoiled by all the attention that he’s getting [from the media].” (Must Read: Taimur Ali Khan Run Towards The Paparazzi Leaving Mom Kareena Kapoor Khan's Hand, Video Inside)

Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

As we said, Taimur’s birthday is on December 20, 2018, and his star parents, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have already hosted an intimate pre-birthday bash for the 'apple of their eyes', wherein a number of star kids were invited. And his birthday cake was as adorable as the birthday boy himself! How? Taimur’s birthday cake had a cowboy-theme (probably taking a cue from the regular horse-riding sessions that the little prince is taking!), and it looked sumptuous! The cake had a caricature of a little boy who looked quite similar to Taimur, riding on a horseback and a gun in his hand. Do you know what was even cuter? A chocolate hat with a feather rested on top of his birthday cake! Here’s a picture of Taimur’s pre-birthday cake:

Taimur’s birthday cake

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A Filmfare report suggested that Taimur will join his mommy, Kareena Kapoor Khan in South Africa, along with his daddy for his birthday. The source shared, “In the coming few days, Kareena will be leaving for South Africa due to her work commitments and later she will be joined by Saif and Taimur there. The idea of celebrating Taimur’s birthday there has got Kareena very excited. Unlike last year, they plan to keep it low-key and more private.”

Taimur Kareena Saif

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Recently, Saif was busy promoting his latest film, Baazaar. In one of the promotions, he jokingly stated that he once had a discussion with his begum jaan Kareena Kapoor Khan about taking Taimur’s help for the promotions. Saif had stated, “Every producer I am working with is half-jokingly say, "Haha can we put him (for promotions)". With white in his hair (referring to his look from Baazaar). With Kaalakaandi, they wanted to put rubber bands. In Hunter they want to put that Naga Sadhu wig on this poor guy”.

Saif and Taimur

He had further added, “My wife (Kareena Kapoor Khan) says, "Don't be so cheap. You can't sell your son (Taimur). I am like, "Why not? Let's sell him." Seriously yaar, he is any way there on the internet. I am just using this platform to say if anybody has any good nappy ads or anything, at a very reasonable price, it's not reasonable, it's quite expensive actually. And, I won't give him the money also. I'll give him some cash for his education, I am already giving it to him. And I'll spend the rest!” (Also Read: Stree Producer Dinesh Vijan And Pranita Tanwar's Wedding Reception Was A Host To Many B-Town Celebs)

Saif Kareena Taimur

Taimur’s daadi, Sharmila Tagore had also expressed her concern over his growing popularity. Speaking about the same, she shared, “I must confess I’m worried about him a bit. We in this family have all had our share of media attention. They place you on a pedestal and then suddenly drop you. At the moment Taimur is not affected because he’s too young to understand what’s going on. But later when he’s older and if the attention is taken away he might get affected. So we are a little concerned. But as Sara said, what can we do about it? Frankly, without the media, we are not alive in today’s day and age.”

Kareena Kapoor khan twinning with sharmila tagore and sharing screen space for the first time

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