Taimur Ali Khan Is Never Allowed To Eat Food At Birthday Parties, Kareena Kapoor Reveals The Reason

Kareena Kapoor Khan mentioned that her two-and-half-year-old son, Taimur Ali Khan is not allowed to have food at birthday parties. The reason is surprising.


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Taimur Ali Khan Is Never Allowed To Eat Food At Birthday Parties, Kareena Kapoor Reveals The Reason

Ever heard girls around you saying, “Whenever I have a baby, he should look like Taimur Ali Khan?” And we totally love them for saying that because Taimur Ali Khan is such a gorgeous kid! From the first-ever close-up of a golden-haired Taimur that was shared about the little patootie, until his recent activity where he chills with his star parents, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, we totally drool over baby Tim! We bet that there will be no one who isn’t in awe of Taimur and his superstar parents. (Do Read: Sharad Malhotra Talks About Babies With Ripci Bhatia After 1 Month Of Their Marriage, Details Inside)

On May 20, 2019, paparazzi clicked the astonishing couple, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan when they met celebrated nutrition expert, Rujuta Diwekar for a Facebook Live. Kareena had looked uber cool in a black tank top, tight-fit denim, a heavy pendant, hair tied in a bun with glasses on her forehead, while hubby Saif, had complemented his beautiful wife in a peach tee, denim and a cap. However, what was extremely adorable was the way Kareena played with her hubby, Saif’s moustache!

Kareena Kapoor Khan Plays With Saif Ali Khan’s Moustache

It was during the same interaction when Kareena Kapoor Khan had mentioned that her two-and-half-year-old son, Taimur Ali Khan is not allowed to have food at birthday parties. Revealing the main reason behind it, Bebo shared, “Only (home-cooked food). I am hyper paranoid. He goes to birthday parties and he is not allowed to eat outside. But that’s also wrong but ya...” To which Tim’s abba, Saif Ali Khan added, “He eats chips though.” Kareena had further continued what she serves Taimur, “khichdi, idli dosa... healthy kind of home-cooked food.” She continued, “So I sit on a plan also. Every month I alternate it accordingly. Whatever fruits and vegetables he should be eating in the month... he quite enjoys it. Today, he actually had saag (spinach) for lunch and he normally didn’t like it but I have been shoving it down his throat. So now he’s got used to it. So he actually ate the whole bowl.”

Taimur and Kareena in Paris

Now we even have a hang of Taimur Ali Khan’s diet, how cool is that! A few days back, Kareena Kapoor Khan had appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s show, Pinch. A certain segment of the show had made the Pataudi Begum read a number of mean trolls, to which Kareena had to react. And then came a troll which said, “Taimur bhookha mar raha hai!” And this is the savage answer the doting mommy had for the troller, “Woh bechara bhookha nahi marr raha hai. In fact, I think kuch zyaada hi kha raha hai aajkal, mota lag raha hai!” (Must Read: Deepika Singh Talks About Her Juggling Act Of Postpartum Depression, Motherhood, And Returning To TV)

Taimur Ali Khan Returns To Mumbai

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Coming back to the Facebook Live with Rujuta Diwekar, she had posted a picture of the couple along with it, she revealed Kareena’s secret diet plan. The same could be read as, “The ABCD of the talk with Kareena and Saif - Aspire - to be healthy and fit, not thin or skinny. Health is about being in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Eat local and think global is the mantra here. So in the summer season, this is what Kareena is having -Mango, jamun, karvand -Kokum sherbet, Limbu sherbet, lemon grass chai -Dahi rice with papad, Jowar or Nachni bhakri with fresh, seasonal sabzis cooked in traditional style.”

Rujuta Diwekar with Kareena and Saif

Rujuta Diwekar’s caption could be further read as, “Balance - Don’t be a bore by being rigid with your diet but don’t let yourself go either. A good diet is a timeless concept, it isn’t something that starves you and then lets you feast as a reward for showing the will power to deprive yourself of food. Instead, it teaches you to eat the traditional delicacies, encourages you to chew slowly and makes you feel content just before you feel full. -- Consistency - aim for that with your exercise program more than intensity. A good diet helps you back yourself mentally. On a day that you are not upto exercise, don’t bunk the gym, show up and train at 50% of your intensity. That way you will feel good about yourself for the rest of the day, instead of feeling guilty about skipping your workout.”

Rujuta Diwekar with Kareena and Saif

Rujuta Diwekar’s note ended with, “Discipline - at the end of the day that is what it all boils down to. Food, exercise, sleep, every cog in the wheel of life matters and there are no quick fixes. As Saif said, there is nothing boring about being healthy and nothing sexy about having a heart attack. Broccoli is not going to magically save you from the excesses of last night, nor are green smoothies or soups in the name of detox going to undo the gluttony committed during a holiday, party, etc. -- Essentially, a good diet paves way for a journey of self-discovery, allows you to feel light and happy through the day and ensures restful sleep in the night. #eatlocalthinkglobal #kareenakapoor #saifalikhan.” (Also Read: Chhavi Mittal's Six-Year-Old Daughter Has Stepped Into Her Shoes As She Make Sandwiches For Her)


And congratulations to us for we now know another insider about the Khan fam!

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