Taimur Ali Khan Goes To Play Badminton With Mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan, Pics And Videos Inside


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Taimur Ali Khan Goes To Play Badminton With Mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan, Pics And Videos Inside

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan would have never thought their first baby, Taimur Ali Khan would become such a sensation, when they got married. Taimur, who was born on December 20, 2016, is today one of the most hashtagged and searched names on social media. All thanks to his cuteness and killer attitude when he comes out in the public. (Suggested Read: Akash Ambani And Shloka Mehta's First Picture Out From Pre-Wedding Bash, Both Look Like A Dream)

Just turned 2, Taimur Ali Khan is seen everywhere- from tabloid headlines to Instagram pages. And why not! After all, the chote nawab is not just another celeb baby. Apart from his adorable snaps, we also get hold of him playing football with abba, Saif, other times he is seen enjoying a horse-riding, and recently he showed his ukulele expertise. In his recent photos, there is another addition now! Yes, Taimur Ali Khan was snapped with his badminton along with his mommy, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Both of them dressed in casuals, Taimur and Kareena looked like the cutest mom-son duo. Take a look at Taimur Ali Khan with his badminton:

Kareena has begun the shooting of her upcoming movie, Good News. To this, daddy Saif recently told Mumbai Mirror if its difficult to handle Taimur without Kareena, "Not really, I’ve just wrapped up my show, and since she’s working with Akshay (Kumar) who’s so disciplined, they start shooting early and by afternoon she is back home. Tamiur has enough time with both of us.”

Taimur Ali Khan

Saif also shared that he wants Taimur to grow as a conscious person. The Sacred Games star was quoted as saying, "I can only hope he'll take it as it comes and develop a certain humility. Like Taimur, I too am lucky to be born a Pataudi, go to Winchester College, get work in the industry when there were others who were brighter and more talented. It was a privilege whose worth I didn't understand then. Hopefully, my son will be more conscious and conscientious. There's something special about him. During the day, he's waddling around the house but in the evening when I dim the lights, light the candles, put on some music, he's happy to sit quietly with Kareena and me, drinking his milk, soaking in the ambience. As a parent, I can only nurture him." (Must Read: Unseen Throwback Picture Of Sridevi With The Entire Kapoor Clan Shared By Sanjay, She Looks So Happy)

Taimur Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Recently, Kareena was asked by PTI about Taimur's massive popularity and how she sees it as a social responsibility. To this, Kareena replied, "We view it as something socially irresponsible because we have been such good parents, we haven't shied away, we never hid Taimur's face. In Hollywood, they don't allow children's faces to come (publish). But because Saif and I took the modern approach, we can't do that." She further went on to add, "He would think 'what is happening?' I don't want him to grow up in that fear. I want him to grow up and fly, that's what parents want their children to do. I can't keep him away."

Kareena also added, “That would be nice from the media. I have never stopped them. But the constant attention, scrutiny (isn't good). Hopefully, he's going to be a cool kid like his parents, be more interested in music and sports. That's what we want.”

Taimur Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

In an earlier interview, Saif had revealed what values he would want Taimur to inculcate in future. Saif had stated, "You have to sit him down, the minute he can understand it. And it'll start with calling the people at home and not yelling. It'll be manners, it'll be Please, Thank You, Aadaab. It'll be discipline from a young age. At least we know these things. These Bombay kids are out of control. He'll be very well behaved. And honestly, if he does his namaste right, he'll score points. Have you seen Sara's aadaab when she was younger? This is it. This is what we need, a nice aadaab from Tim. Tim by the way."

Taimur Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Taimur has already travelled almost half of the world. Sharing how does it feel to travel with little Tim, the doting daddy had stated in an interview, "Despite having the idea of trying different things, we’ve ended up (and my wife is quite annoyed about this) going to the same places and doing the same things every year—London in summer, Gstaad in winter, with some parts of India, like Rajasthan and Pataudi, in between. We would have liked to go to more places in Italy and France—and we will. But you know, there is also something comforting about going to the same places, because the people know you and the hotel feels like home. With Taimur, we also end up travelling with a bit of an entourage. We never travelled light, but after Taimur, we travel even heavier." (You May Like: Bipasha Basu's Sister, Vijayeta Is Now A Married Lady, Shares Picture From Her Marriage Registration)

Taimur Ali Khan

How did you like the pics and videos of Taimur Ali Khan with his badminton? Aren't they adorable to miss?

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