When Taimur Ali Khan Made A New Friend On His First Day At Playschool, She Is Equally Adorable!


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When Taimur Ali Khan Made A New Friend On His First Day At Playschool, She Is Equally Adorable!

Whenever he goes, paparazzi follows him! Ever since his birth, Taimur Ali Khan’s super-good looks (which runs in the veins of the family) and an overload of cuteness has taken people and media by a storm. So much so, that the little kiddo has a zillion Instagram fan pages (not literally, silly!), dedicated just for him. (Recommended Read: An Unseen Picture Of Taimur Ali Khan With Daddy Saif Ali Khan, When He Was Just A Day Old)

Taimur is growing up fast and every new move of this cute as a button munchkin makes headlines. And why wouldn’t it? You all love and adore him, right? So it was Taimur’s first day at his playschool and like every mommy, the ‘oh-so-glamourous’ Kareena Kapoor Khan came to drop her son at his first day at his playschool along with his nanny. Needless to say, they looked adorable to another level! Here’s a snap:

Kareena and Taimur

Also, it looks like the Junior Ali Khan is a pro at making friends at this teeny-weeny age! The cute munchkin wore a white dinosaur-printed summer tee and orange pants on his first day at his playschool. In the following picture, you will see Taimur, gently holding the hand of his fellow, equally adorable playmate. Well, we give you a cuteness alert ahead. Don’t blame us for making you drool right in the noon!


Taimur, along with mommy Kareena was chilling in London a few days back. Speaking of friends, the munchkin was seen having a gala time with Roadies fame and youth icon, Rannvijay Singha’s daughter, Kainaat. In the following video, you would see Taimur and Kainaat, having fun, playing on a see-saw, where you will see Kainaat break into laughter as Taimur looks at her in sheer confusion as he probably didn’t find the joke funny! Checkout!



Recently, at their London holiday, Saif got angry with a fan who tried to click Taimur and Kareena’s picture when they were strolling on the road. In an interaction with Filmfare, Kareena shared that she doesn’t like the paparazzi following Taimur. She said, “I don’t like that at all, neither does Saif. As parents we are scared. I’d want my son to grow up as normally as possible. Saif’s even more particular about this. He wants Taimur to grow up, away from the eye of the paparazzi and the film scenario. Because Saif himself didn’t grow up in a film atmosphere, although his mother was an actress. His father (the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) as we know, belonged to the cricketing world. But in today’s time it’s tough. But I do wish he didn’t get photographed as much.”

Kareena and Taimur and Saif

Talking about his star baby, abba Saif Ali Khan revealed Taimur’s nickname and spoke about his overnight stardom. Speaking about the same, Saif shared,” You have to sit him down, the minute he can understand it. And it'll start with calling the people at home and not yelling. It'll be manners, it'll be Please, Thank You, Aadaab. It'll be discipline from young age. At least we know these things. These Bombay kids are out of control. He'll be very well behaved. And honestly if he does his namaste right, he'll score points. Have you seen Sara's aadaab when she was younger? This is it. This is what we need, a nice aadaab from Tim. TIM by the way.”

Taimur and Saif

Speaking of the genetics that Taimur has, Saif had remarked, “He's blue eyed. He's a genetic treasure trove. He is. He is got a bit of Rabindranath Tagore, he's got a bit of Raj Kapoor, he's got a bit of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, he's got a bit of Bhopal...I don't know..he's beyond me. He's gone. Let's see what happens.”

Wow, this is amazing! Are you even more eager to check out pictures of Taimur from his playschool activities? Stay tuned!

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