Swara Bhaskar Talks About Her Break-Up With Ex-Beau, Himanshu Sharma After Dating Him For 5 Years

Bollywood actress, Swara Bhaskar talked about her breakup with ex-boyfriend, Himanshu Sharma. Find Out!


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Swara Bhaskar Talks About Her Break-Up With Ex-Beau, Himanshu Sharma After Dating Him For 5 Years

In this generation, people don’t understand that it is perfectly fine when in a relationship, you and your partner want different things from each other, as well as, from life. But still, all we have to do is support our partner in the things that give them happiness. And, we have to let them go if one fine day they admit that they’re finding peace and happiness in someone else’s arms. You know, the crazy thing about relationships is that they build on small moments and break because of small fights. (Recommended Read: Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Dance For Nisha, Asher And Noah Kaur Weber As Little Ones Clap For Them)

Later is the case with one of the most talented stars in the Tinseltown, Swara Bhasker and her National award-winning writer-boyfriend, Himanshu Sharma. During the making of Raanjhanaa, Swara and Himanshu had met for the first time and while the shooting of Tanu Weds Manu Returns was going on, they had become each other’s confidante. Well, the actress, who is known for speaking her heart out and not mincing her words, has never been too candid about her personal life, as much she was in her recent interview.

Swara Bhasker and Himanshu Sharma

In an interview with the Pinkvilla, when Swara was asked about the reason behind her decision of breaking up with her beau, Himanshu, she said, “I think you just have to sort of deal with it. In our case, it was very unfortunate. I didn’t have or I still didn’t have a lot of anger that could have helped me deal with it. Nobody did anything bad, nobody did anything wrong, nobody cheated on anyone. It was not those typical things, it was unfortunate.” Going further in her statement, she revealed that neither she nor Himanshu was comfortable to move on the other side, as both of them were heading towards different directions. So, it was an easy decision for both of them to move out of a relationship, where they can’t find a middle ground. Swara concluded her conversation with a small sentence in which she said, “Itna hi tha humara journey.” (Don't Miss: Vicky Kaushal Shares Dreamy Picture With Mom, Veena Kaushal While Enjoying Sunset Amidst Lockdown)

Swara Bhasker and Himanshu Sharma

Well, the writings were on the wall as there were tons of reports on different websites about the couple’s split already on the internet. As per a SpotboyE report, the trouble in Swara Bhasker and Himanshu Sharma's relationship cropped up, when she had propounded the subject of marriage. But she didn’t realise that Himanshu had been avoiding it for a quite long time. It came as a shock to Swara when Himanshu told her that marriage was never on his mind. When priorities are different and couples aren't on the same page, problems arise. So, the reason was enough to make a dent in their relationship and Swara and Himanshu decided to break up, but on an amicable note.

Swara Bhasker and Himanshu Sharma

Further talking about her belief in the institution of marriage and what she thinks about live-in relationships, Swara had elaborated to the DNA, "I have been in a live-in relationship, but I haven’t been married. The thing with a live-in is that you are married, except for the paperwork. The routine is exactly like that of a married couple. I mean what is marriage than two people sharing a home or life? When I was living-in, both our families knew and we were close to each other’s family. It was not any different from a marriage. Also, urban living in modern India is slowly changing the institutions, the values. But I believe in marriage because I believe in family. My strongest support and the reason why I am still rational and not flipping insane is because of my family. I want to be married and have a family." (Also Read: Prateik Babbar And Sanya Sagar Are Living Separately After A Year Of Marriage, He Reveals The Truth)

Swara Bhaskar

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