Suyyash Rai Makes Food For His 6 Months Pregnant Wife, Kishwer Merchantt And Soon-To-Be-Born Baby

Kishwer Merchantt took to her IG handle and shared the food made by her darling husband, Suyyash Rai for her and their soon-to-be-born baby!


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Suyyash Rai Makes Food For His 6 Months Pregnant Wife, Kishwer Merchantt And Soon-To-Be-Born Baby

The nine months of pregnancy is one of a kind memory for every pregnant woman. With every passing month, she gets closer to the day of meeting her baby and with every passing day, she gets pampered by her husband and in-laws. Kishwer Merchantt is in her second trimester as she and her husband, Suyyash Rai are expecting their first baby in August 2021. Their pregnancy had come as a shock to them as the two were not ready for the baby yet, however, the two lines on the pregnancy test kit changed everything for them.

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Kishwer’s husband, Suyyash is taking care of her in every manner. From joining her in her workout sessions to pampering her with food, Suyyash is being a hands-on husband. On March 30, 2021, we had seen how Suyyash had made kheer for his pregnant wife, Kishwer, with the help of his mother. Kishwer had taken over her hubby, Suyyash's phone and had recorded it all. The mommy-to-be had shared Instagram stories on her hubby, Suyyash's IG handle. In the video which Kishwer had posted, we could see Suyyash making kheer for her and he was learning it over a video call from his mommy.

Looks like Kishwer and their soon-to-be-born baby are enjoying the food made by Suyyash as the singer-cum-actor again stepped into their kitchen to make some yummilicious food for his pregnant wife. Taking to her IG stories, Kishwer shared a picture of the dish made by her darling husband, Suyyash. Well, Suyyash made matar paneer for his pregnant wife, Kishwer and their yet-to-be-born baby. The paneer ki sabzi looked delicious and Kishwer wrote, “Paneer made by @Suyyashrai” atop it, followed by a heart emoticon.  

Suyyash Rai Makes Food For Kishwer

Baby kicks, food cravings, mood swings and ultra-sound sessions are what every expecting woman enjoys during her pregnancy. On March 9, 2021, Suyyash had taken to his Instagram handle and had shared a hilarious video of his pregnant wifey, Kishwer and her mood swings. The super cute video had started with mommy-to-be, Kishwer crying in her bed and trying to hide her face from the camera. We could hear Suyyash laughing in the background. Few seconds into the video, Kishwer had started laughing. And when Suyyash had asked her why she was crying, the actress had replied, "Darr lag raha hai mujhe." The video had ended with their furbaby, Batuk's cute expression. Suyyash had captioned the video as "Her mood swings. I love u so much."

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It’s been months since Kishwer and Suyyash’s pregnancy announcement, but we have been blessed with numerous fun moments from their pregnancy diaries. In April 2021, Suyyash had shared a hilarious story on his IG handle as he had also started feeling that he is pregnant because of Kishwer. In the video, we could see Kishwer and Suyyash on their bed and then the singer had narrated what had made him feel that he is pregnant too as he is always in bed and cannot sleep. Then, Kishwer had narrated that she has started making noises while sleeping due to pregnancy as she feels this is how her baby talks and this had made Suyyash laugh hard!

After four years of marital bliss, Suyyash and Kishwer are all set to embrace their parenthood journey. On March 2, 2021, the duo had taken to their respective Instagram handles and made their pregnancy announcement. In the picture, we could see Suyyash on his knees by the beachside and holding Kishwer's hand, and in the sand, it was written 'August 2021'. Kishwer had captioned the picture as "You can now stop asking "when are you guys gonna have a baby." Coming Soon #august2021 #sukishkababy". On the other hand, Suyyash had written, "Mai tere bacche ka baap banne wala hun. Coming this August."

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Suyyash Rai is indeed proving to be the best husband for his pregnant wife, Kishwer Merchantt!

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