At 42, Sushmita Sen's Inspiring Fitness Videos Reveals The Secret Behind Her Youthful Looks


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At 42, Sushmita Sen's Inspiring Fitness Videos Reveals The Secret Behind Her Youthful Looks

An embodiment of women power, she truly resembles the term ‘shakti’. She is the first Indian woman to be bestowed with the tag of being the most beautiful woman in the entire universe in 1994, where she won the title of ‘Miss Universe’. She is an exemplary to many. A lady who is known for breaking all stereotypes against marriage and having children; and is single-handedly bringing up her two daughters. Yes, we are talking about the inspiration herself, Sushmita Sen.

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Okay, tell us something. Have you ever checked into Sush’s Instagram profile and looked at the way she treats fitness, with your mouth gaping in amazement? We definitely have! Sushmita is frequently seen posting snippets of her fitness regime with encouraging messages and a lot of love every now and then. She believes and swears by her saying:

“There’s ALWAYS strength, it just sometimes lies deeper than we think.”

Sushmita Sen Fitness

Now isn’t that inspiring?

Did you know? The diva you are now seeing and getting inspired had to work very hard to stay fit, and get where she is today. Sushmita suffered from a very bad slipped disk, way back in 2006 while shooting for a film that almost crippled her and forbade her to do the most simple gym exercises. But, she emerged from her health issues like a phoenix does from its own ashes and faced fitness like a pro! A source close to Sushmita once shared in an interview with DNA:

“Sushmita suffered a slip disc in past and was unable to do the gym exercises so she makes it up in other ways through dance and yoga. She trains herself in the gym and keeps on changing her workout routine every week which comprises running, cardio and aerial. Sushmita loves to do yoga with her daughters’ outdoors on beaches and in the water. She also keeps a strict watch on her diet and meditates too. She believes a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and it shows in her smile and body.”

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What is extremely sweet about her is that, Sushmita’s fitness posts always comes wrapped in inspirations, inspirations and more inspirations for her fans!

Sushmita Sen Fitness

Do you want a sneak-peek into her fitness and diet regime? Yes? Here you go!

Sushmita has mostly stayed away from hardcore gymming. More than crunches and cardio, she swears by yoga, Pilates and aerial silk. She also juggles between walking, skipping and running and keeps herself active no matter what.

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Her diet mostly consists of egg whites, green vegetables, protein-intake, dal and curd. She makes sure that she drinks at least fourteen glasses of water everyday and ensures a no-sugar diet. Kudos again!

Sushmita Sen Fitness

In her latest video, Sushmita is seen working on her abs via an ab wheel-roller. She posted a motivating message as well, which read:

“#stability in life & stability of #form both decide the eventual power of our stance!!! First stability then comes range!!! #workinprogress #abwheelroller #pushup #bosuball & yours truly #6lack plays on!!! #focus #conviction #authenticpower #fridaymotivation I love you guys!! Mmuuuaaah”

The best part about her miniature inspirations are that it comes wrapped in a whole bunch of kissing- emoticons, a lot of kisses and love for all her fans.



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Pssst! Do you want to see how Sushmita Sen warms up before a workout? Yes, you are at the right place! First read her amazing caption and checkout the video here:

“FLEX is an ABILITY’ ABLE we all are!!! CAPABLE we become with practice!! #hydrate #warmup #stretch #breatheingratitude #breatheoutpain Celebrate being #Alive True #strength is born from being #flexible #letsdothis I love you guys!!!!”



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And yet another video of her giving punches to her punching bag and calling it a ‘good day’! She writes:

“Some days are good, some days are bad...difference being...I feel the #good & #punchingbag feels the #bad nothing comes between us not even #boxinggloves finally, we settle it..back to a good day!!!"be the #cause not the #effect “ #hitit #fixit  I love you guys!!! Have a GOOD day!!!”



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Even when her body gives in to rigorous fitness regime, her strong will doesn’t. She posted a picture of herself where she is sporting a chiseled body and writes another beautiful caption.

Sushmita Sen Fitness

Sushmita wrote an awe-inspiring caption to go with the post:

“The #knuckles hurt, The body is #sore then I look up at the mirror and complain no more #onemore #nopainnogain #mondaymotivation #discipline #consistency #results #bringiton. I love you guys!!!”

We love you too, Sush!

In yet another video, look at the inspiration herself, trying her hand (read knuckles) for the first time with gymnastic rings and knuckle push-ups. Observe the fierce expression and passion for fitness on her face. Needless to say, another beautiful caption accompanied her video which blew a lot of kisses to her fans. It said:

“Good morning!!!! sharing my first attempt at #gymnasticrings #pushup these pushups made me realise #knucklepushups are really a piece of cake in comparison forget the range of motion, just to #stabilise on the rings is victory in itself!!! YOU GOTTA TRY IT!!!! #sharing what I love!!! #newday #newchallenges #carpediem I love you guys!!! Mmmuuuaaah”



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As they truly say, ‘Legends are not made in a day!’

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Not only her, both of Sushmita’s daughters are gearing up to be fitness pros like her. In a recent picture posted by the diva, Sushmita is seen trying out a Kung Fu Panda pose with the combat trainers of her daughters, Renee & Alisah. She wrote:

“I don’t offend, I defend.”Me all smiles with Renee & Alisah’s #combat #trainers. They are indeed rock solid #teachers with no fancy #equipments only mats, punching bags, bars & open space!! Just the way we like it!!! #rawpower #callisthenics #combattraining”

Sushmita Sen Fitness

Sushmita Sen Fitness With Daughter Alisah

Checkout another still of Sushmita where she was seen transforming her ceiling into a floor! She wrote:

“Hello #february ceiling is the new floor!!  #bloodrush #teacher @nupur_popeye #thursdaymotivation  I love you guys!!! #mmuuaah”

Sushmita Sen Fitness

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Guys, are you facing some kind of blues? This video of ‘Sush’s way of staying fit’ will fill your heart with joy! And the caption? We are brimming with ecstasy already!

“#jonasblue #perfectstrangers “Who knows the secrets tomorrow will hold, we don’t really need to know” TRUE THAT!!!! After all ‘Tomorrow’ will simply be more of today. Making TODAY count is LIFE...a beautifully fulfilling one!!!! To all of you who have constantly added love & inspiration to my life...I dance with you in gratitude!!!! I love u guys!! Mmmuuuaah!!!”



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And many more to go!

Sushmita, we can’t thank you enough for keeping us motivated, always. We mean, how could you do this all the time! You have revolutionised the way we look at fitness and achieve a lean body. Would like to sign off in your way. “Thank you for keeping us inspired. We love you. Mmmuuaahh!”

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