Hina Khan Shares Her Rigorous Gymming Session Videos, Shows Efforts Behind Her Well-Toned Body


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Hina Khan Shares Her Rigorous Gymming Session Videos, Shows Efforts Behind Her Well-Toned Body

The reigning winner of the best Bahu award, Hina Khan became everyone's favourite the moment she made her debut with the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. After having worked for over 8 years in the same show, she became a household name. The actress was seen letting go of her traditional Indian bahu's get-up for a rather glamorous one. She was recognised giving tough competition to everyone in the daredevil show, Khatron Ke Khiladi. We saw Hina Khan in a completely different avatar. She ditched her sarees for leather pants. This is when we all realised that she is blessed with a gorgeous body.

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Hina Khan Gymming Session Video

The next time we saw Hina Khan was in the Bigg Boss house. She was one of the most controversial contestants of the show but that wasn't her USP. Hina will always be remembered as one of the most stylish contestants of the Bigg Boss house. Her slender waist made many girls take up gymming. Here are some of the exercises that Hina does regularly to stay in shape:

#1. Knee squats

Hina Khan Fitness Workout Videos

Hina recently shared a video on her Instagram handle which will give you some major fitness goals. She is seen doing knee squats while managing 40 kgs on her shoulders. For anyone who says that girls are not strong enough should watch Hina prove them wrong. You can see her struggle but her determination does not let her give up. While normal squats work on the thighs, knee squats are good for gluteus. For a toned butt, incorporate knee squats in your workout chart. Start without weights and gradually make the exercise tougher for yourself. Check out her video here:


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#2. Somersaults

Hina Khan Fitness Workout Videos

As kids, we would do somersaults all the time. They were fun and relaxing. After watching Hina Khan does the somersaults, you would want to do them again. Somersaults work on your core, shoulder and arms. You have to put in enough efforts to do them which improve your flexibility as well. With time, you will do them as perfectly as Hina Khan does. She prefers hanging somersaults instead of floor somersaults which is an advanced level. You can start with floor somersaults and gradually increase the level.



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#3. Step up

Hina Khan Fitness Workout Videos

If you are familiar with the world of gymming, you would know how important a stepper is. You can plan various workouts around it. Just stepping up and down on a stepper can give you the benefits of cardiovascular exercises. If you want to take this simple exercise to a different level, ape Hina Khan. Hold some weights in your hand and then step on it. This easy looking variation will work on your legs. Start with two kgs each in your hands and add on more weight if you feel comfortable. Keep on challenging your body. Never let it feel comfortable with the weights.



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#4. Knee up

Hina Khan Fitness Workout Videos

We all have praised and envied Hina Khan's slender waist but do you know that she works very hard for it. Hina Khan is very conscious about her curves and never misses a chance to work on her core. She does hanging knee ups to keep her curves. Anyone who wants to work on lower abs should include knee-ups in their routine. The first-timers should do this on the floor with their hands under their butt for support. The next level would be to do them without the support of hands. Once you are comfortable with this, do hanging knee ups.



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#5. TRX

Hina Khan Workout Videos

For anyone who still hasn't heard about TRX, it is Total Resistance eXercise. It is done with the help of the suspensions. TRX is a total conditioning workout and this is why you should do it at least thrice a day. Look how flawlessly Hina Khan does it. TRX also improves the strength which helps you to perform other exercises well.



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Eating Right

Hina Khan Fitness Regime

Hina Khan is a firm believer in eating right and eating on time. She makes sure that her diet is rich in proteins. Other than that, she drinks at least 12 glasses of water daily. She consumes other fluids like fresh coconut water twice a day. She includes a bowl of curd every day into her diet and we believe that it is the magic ingredient of her beautiful skin and hair. She eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Since she loves food, she believes that eating everything in moderation does not hurt.

Hina Khan is one of the most gorgeous and fit actresses in the industry. It is because of her perfect figure that she became a part of the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2018. She is a dedicated person who doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She is a fashionista and is followed by many following her perfect figure and style. Did her videos inspire you? Let us know in the comments section below. If yes, it's time to sign up for the gym's subscription. And stay tuned for more such motivating videos to provoke you to exercise regularly and have a fit body.

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