Parents Opposed, But They Couldn't Live Without Each Other And Got Married Without Informing Anyone


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Parents Opposed, But They Couldn't Live Without Each Other And Got Married Without Informing Anyone

Dancer and actress, Sudhaaa Chandran is a big name who has amazed the world with her courage, patience and resilience. She is no less than a model on how to turn the disaster into success and happiness. Famous for her groundbreaking performance in Kahin Kisi Roz and for her negative roles in a lot of movies and serials; she has earned herself an impressive number of awards. Now 52, she has contributed to more than 50 Hindi and Tamil movies with her power-packed roles.

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Sudhaa Chandran Instagram

Her traumatic personal life where she met with an accident at the age of 17 in 1981 is a well-known reality. That she has emerged as a fighter from the setback and has put her best foot forward to achieve stardom too is appreciated by many. However, what we have not yet recognized is that the bravo has paved her way for a successful marital life too. Yes, amidst the entire trauma, there is a romantic side to her story as well. Despite the disability, she has found a life partner and entered into wedlock.

Meet her

Sudhaa Chandran Instagram

Sudhaaa Chandran started dancing at the age of 3. But after her leg got amputated she hardly got a chance to highlight her skills. Fortunately, one stellar performance by her on stage changed her life and she was casted in a movie named Mayuri based on her real-life tragedy. Miraculously, she excelled in acting and started getting offers too. Slowly, she forayed in Tamil movies and television industry. Sudhaaa Chandran became famous for her negative roles in movies and TV serials but her positivity is what kept her determined and ambitious.

Love on the sets

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Like any other girl, actress Sudhaa too dreamt of walking down the aisle someday. But after such an incident, choosing a right life partner with reliability becomes all the more daunting. Of course, she had that heart that can move on and achieve the impossible. Nevertheless, finding someone who could accept her the way she is was more than impossible. But, destiny played a wonderful role yet again.

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In middle of her turbulent personal life, she met associate director Ravi Dang and it was love at first sight for the performer. Ravi too expressed the same feelings towards her. So, together they hit it off after meeting on the sets of a film Sita- Salma- Suzie for the very first time. Sudhaa, in an interview, said:

"I was acting in that film when I was introduced to him. It was during the making of the film that we fell in love and later decided to get married.”

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Mr. Right- The right traits

Sudhaa Chandran Instagram

Sure, not every day can be a Valentine’s Day, but an ideal life partner can make all the difference in the world to a lasting relationship. Ravi was the person who was ready to accept her with her deformity. In fact, he was willing to be her caretaker for life to help her through all her health challenges. No wonder, with all his efforts and sentiments, he laid a solid foundation for their future together. He was all by her side when she was going through pain, social stigma, mental agony and sorrows and never thought of her as a baggage.

The dating duo

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Cupid struck in next to no time as there were all the traits that an ideal soul mate should have and hence the lovey-dovey stuffs followed. Before any loving and caring relationship what comes first is romance. Isn’t it? So, what used to excite Sudhaa the most in her romantic relationship was having a dish of pav bhaji along with her beau on the sands of Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Well, we truly love her idea of the date. What say?

The battle for love

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Since Sudhaa was the only daughter, it was natural for her parents to think about the guy as undeserving and opposing their union. Also, they were aghast at the thought of their only daughter marrying a Punjabi. In an interview earlier Sudhaa reminisces:

"My parents opposed our marriage since he is a Punjabi and I am a Tamilian. Even though we tried convincing them, they did not agree. So, we decided to go ahead and get married. We got married at the Chiranagar Murugan Temple in Chembur.”

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Sudhaa and Ravi tried a lot to convince her parents, but they were always shown the red signal. But the much-in-love couple kept seeing each other secretly despite facing the parental stance against love.

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The rock solid relationship

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Without giving a second thought to Sudhaa’s status and disability, Ravi was all hers and was extremely supportive and understanding. After all, he gave her a new lease of life. He fulfilled her dreams in a number of ways and gave her the security a woman needs. No wonder, the duo kept dating each other even after their parents’ disapproval. Sudha gushed:

“With Ravi, I discovered the joy of creating a safe, loving and healthy environment that helped us build our relationship.”

The secret marriage

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Sudhaa’s parents kept objecting to her choice, but she decided to marry Ravi anyways. Sudhaa could not forgo the man she loved the most and took the life-long decision of clandestine marriage. The couple didn’t inform any of their relatives and got hitched at the Chirag Nagar Murugan Temple in Chembur in 1994. The wedlock was in a complete south Indian style. Well, the lovebirds took their feelings and emotions for each other way more seriously than their parents’ reaction.

Made for each other

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Sudhaa and Ravi’s is not an ordinary but a powerful love story. Getting Ravi as a life partner was another wondrous moment in Sudhaa’s life. Ravi accepted Sudhaa whole-heartedly and offered her the support and respect she deserved. He not only snatched her agonies away, but also served as a catalyst in building a successful personal and professional life for his wife.

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Today Ravi is also looking after her dance academy where she teaches every Sunday. In short, Ravi was god-sent and a blessing in disguise for Sudhaa.

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Sudhaa’s tragic tale and love story can move anyone to tears. Sudhaaa Chandran is no less than a free bird who created her own wings and learnt to fly on her own. She didn’t let her disability impact the success of her marital life. With a wonderful spouse by her side, she has zoomed off in life and never looked back. Her story teaches us to count our blessings.

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