Steal The Look: Deepika Padukone's Stunning Jewellery In Bajirao Mastani


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Steal The Look: Deepika Padukone's Stunning Jewellery In Bajirao Mastani

Bollywood is going gaga over Bajirao Mastani, and nobody can deny the charm and spell that Mastani has cast over everyone. Fashion bloggers, fashion critics and stylists have all unanimously admitted the near-perfect look of Deepika Padukone as Mastani in the movie. Everything about Mastani was perfect- her dialogues, her clothes, her subtly highlighted makeup and her exquisite jewellery.

Here, we are going to discuss everything about Deepika’s gorgeous jewellery that made everyone’s jaw drop!

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Deepika Padukone's Jewellery Cost in Bajirao Mastani

Being a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, we knew that everything will be royal, unique and exquisite. The movie really lived up to our expectations. Have you wondered how much would be the cost of the jewellery worn by Mastani in the movie? Let us just start by telling you that for a particular scene, the jewellery Deepika wore was worth Rupees 48 lakhs!

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Designer Anju Modi, who did the costumes for the movie revealed that she had studied the history of Peshwas to design unique costumes and jewellery for the movie.

Here is what Anju Modi said:

“Cheap jewellery is something you can easily make out and I did not want the movie to be compromised because of jewellery, so we designed the expensive pieces according to the characters. We used the best material including real Basra pearls, antique stones and uncut diamonds, because it's a period movie, set against a royal backdrop. I took on the best jewellery designers in the country like PN Gadgil from Pune and Shrihari Jewellers from Delhi for the task.”

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Decoding Deepika Padukone's Jewellery in Bajirao Mastani

Deepika Padukone Bajirao Mastani

The co-owner of Shrihari Jewellers in Delhi, Vivek Gupta explains the challenges in creating the jewellery for Mastani. Rajput princess, Mastani was part Hindu-part Muslim. Her role required the look of a warrior princess, and so very simple, not over-the-top Jewellery. Making a statement piece with such requirements were difficult. It was many styles of jhoomars, haathphools, naths and choker pieces.

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#1. Two-tier earrings

Deepika Padukone

Mr. Gupta recalls this as one of the most difficult pieces to be made. This type of earring was made with two pieces- one for the ear and one that goes behind. The look was completed with a big nath that has Mughal-Hyderabadi influences. It had uncut diamonds and pearls attached in a string to create the simple yet exquisite look.

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#2. Polki-pearl nath

The warrior princess look had to be perfected with subtle hints of feminine touch with this polki nath that has a pearl string attached to it. It looks simple, classy and fit for the occasion.

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#3. Haathphools

This unique hand ornament that comprises of many rings and a hand bracelet- all done in detailed gold was the best part in the entire Mastani look in the title song Deewani Mastani.

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#4. Jhoomar

No Muslim princess' look is complete without jhoomars. The Hindu-Muslim Mastani has a mix of jhoomars and maang tikkas. Although jhoomars played a major role in Mastani’s jewellery collection, the traditional maang tikkas too were on-point and so exotic in appeal.

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#5. Choker and jhumkis for Maharashtrian look

The song Pinga showcased Deepika in a Marathi look, and the jewellery selected for this look was entirely different from the ones worn by Deepika throughout the movie. The three-piece antique Marathi choker looked royal along with the golden jhumkis, and the pearl-laden extensions that connect to the hair. Along with it, Mastani’s look had head ornaments that complemented her traditional Marathi look well.

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Hope you loved every look of Deepika Padukone as Mastani in the biopic as much as we did. We sure think that this is going to be a major trendsetter for the upcoming wedding season!

Images Courtesy: Shrihari Jewellers and Bajirao Mastani