Sonali Bendre Shares A Beautiful Sun-kissed Picture, Says 'I'm Gonna Tell Everyone To Lighten Up'


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Sonali Bendre Shares A Beautiful Sun-kissed Picture, Says 'I'm Gonna Tell Everyone To Lighten Up'

Bollywood beauty, Sonali Bendre is not just a name, but an epitome of beauty for many. She has a persona that can brighten up the gloomiest day. However, the actress broke many hearts on July 4, 2018, when she announced the news of being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. From her fans to the entire industry showered of her wishes to recover and fight this hard battle. (Recommend Read: Palak Jain Makes For A Beautiful Bride-To-Be In Her Haldi-Mehendi, Dances Like Crazy At One Function)

Sonali, who is currently fighting the battle like a boss, has been showing an immense amount of courage. And, she makes sure to update her fans about her health. On February 8, 2019, the actress shared a beautiful sun-kissed picture of herself on Instagram. Along with it she wrote, “"I'm gonna soak up the sun I'm gonna tell everyone To lighten up  I've got no one to blame For every time I feel lame I'm looking up I'm gonna soak up the sun” ~ Sheryl Crow”. Check out the picture below:

Last year in December, Sonali came back to India after 6 months of fighting the deadly disease, with her husband, Goldie Behl. In an interview with Navbharat Times, Goldie was quoted as saying, “Sabhi ka bahot bahot shukriya. Kareeb 6 mahine ho chuke hain, main sabko batana chahta hoon ki ab Sonali theekh hain, woh achchi tarah recover kar rahin hain. Main unke sabhi fans aur chaahne walon ka shukriya karta hoon, jinn ke pyar, prayer aur support se woh swasthh ho gayin hain”. (Also Read: Yash And Roohi Johar Cut A Three-Tier Cake With Their Photos Baked Atop It On Their 2nd Birthday)

On October 9, 2018, Sonali shared a picture of her cancer journey with her Instagram family and wrote, ““I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild.”

Sonali further wrote, “Over the past couple of months, I have had good days and bad ones. There have been days when I’ve been so exhausted and in so much pain that even lifting a finger hurt. I feel like sometimes it’s a cycle… one that starts off with physical pain and leads to mental and emotional pain. The bad days have been many… Post chemo, post-surgery and the like… where even just laughing hurts.” (You May Also Like: Chahatt Khanna Wishes Husband Farhan Mirza On 6th Anniversary Even After Separation, For This Reason)

Her post further describes her cancer journey, “Sometimes it felt like it took everything I’ve had to push past it… a minute to minute battle with myself. I got through it knowing that even though I was fighting a long drawn out, draining battle… it was one that was worth the fight. It’s important to remember that we’re allowed to have those bad days. Forcing yourself to be happy and cheerful all the time serves no purpose. Who are we being fake and putting on an act for? I allowed myself to cry, to feel the pain, to indulge in self-pity… for a short while. Only you know what you’re going through and it is fine to accept it. Emotions aren’t wrong. Feeling negative emotions isn’t wrong. But after a point, identify it, recognize it and refuse to let it control your life.”

She concluded it by writing, “It takes an immense amount of self-care to get out of that zone. Sleep always helps, or having my favourite smoothie after chemo, or just talking to my son. For now, as my treatment continues… my visual focus remains to just get better and get back home. It’s yet another test… Student all my life… Learning all my life… #OneDayAtATime.” (Don't Miss: Neeti Mohan Had A Photoshoot With Mohan Sisters At Her Bachelorette Bash, Look Beautiful In Ethnic)

We wish Sonali a speedy recovery!

Cover and Images Courtesy: Sonali Bendre

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