Smriti Khanna Opens Up About Postpartum Depression Two Months After Delivering Her Baby Girl, Anayka

Smriti Khanna addresses the importance of educating a woman on breastfeeding, pregnancy and postpartum depression as though the latter is a big thing but is yet not much spoken about in India.


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Smriti Khanna Opens Up About Postpartum Depression Two Months After Delivering Her Baby Girl, Anayka

There are a gazillion changes that a woman goes through during her pregnancy, especially after childbirth. It is said that with the child, a mother is also born. And as excited and happy she is to nurture her little one, she is also tired and overwhelmed. Soon the baby blues kick in and some experience a long-lasting form of this childbirth complication i.e., postpartum depression. From Sameera Reddy, Deepika Singh, Chahatt Khanna, Mandira Bedi to Esha Deol Takhtani and Surveen Chawla, hats off to the influential mommies who had taken a step towards making a positive change in the society by raising awareness about postpartum depression. (Also Read: Smriti Khanna Shares The Last Picture With Her Baby Bump Which Was Taken 14-Hrs Before Her Delivery)

The latest addition to the list is newbie mommy, Smriti Khanna. It was on April 15, 2020, when the stork had visited the Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi fame couple, Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta and had blessed them with their little angel. To announce the arrival of their daughter, Smriti had posted a family picture and had captioned it as "Our princess has arrived 15.04.2020." It was only two weeks after the birth of their baby girl, Smriti had finally shared the first picture of Anayka on her IG handle, after teasing her fans with the glimpses. Posting a picture with Anayka from the day they had met, Smriti had written, “There will never be a day, like the day you were born... Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. I promise to love you and protect you till my last breath #TheDayWeMet.”

Smriti Khanna, Gautam Gupta and Anayka

Smriti Khanna and Anayka

In an interview with The Times of India, Smriti Khanna spoke about postpartum depression, her motherhood journey, husband, Gautam Gupta, breastfeeding and most importantly, she gave an insight to how being a mother isn’t a cakewalk. To begin with, Smriti talked about the importance of educating a woman on breastfeeding, pregnancy and postpartum depression as the latter is a big thing but yet not much spoken about in India. Smriti said, “I have realised that even if you speak good on social media and educate people about pregnancy and mother, haters will still troll you. I felt that people did not discuss much about pregnancy, weight issues, breastfeeding and I feel these topics should come out openly in our society because there are so many myths and women struggle all their life to lose weight. There are so many times that this becomes a matter of depression for them. They stop stepping out because they are not looking a certain way or not fitting into their dress. Some women are scared to get pregnant. There is postpartum depression and it is a big thing and it is not spoken in India.”

Smriti Khanna and Anayka

Speaking further about the myths and how she doesn’t care about the trolls, Smriti Khanna continued, “There are so many girls and mothers who have messaged me saying thank you for making pregnancy look so smooth and nice. They tell me they were scared to get pregnant thinking that their body would look a certain way or they will completely go on bed rest and now they feel that pregnancy can be a fun ride too. I feel there will be 10 percent people who will have problems with everything but there will be 90 percent people who were giving blessings to me and my kind which made me feel great. I am just trying to say to my fans that you can do everything in a fit way. People start assuming that agar koi patla hai... toh usne diet shuru kar diya and usko khayal nahi hai bacche ka. If someone gets pregnant, they ask the woman to just be on bed and eat double, no, all these are myths. These are wrong things to do, I am just saying be active during and after your pregnancy. So I just realised I should not bother about trollers are going to troll, I will do my job to spread positivity.” (Also Read: Smriti Khanna's Hubby, Gautam Gupta Secretly Films His Wife's Dancing Gig With Their Baby Girl)

Smriti Khanna, Gautam Gupta and Anayka

How holding her little Anayka in her arms makes every pain worth, Smriti Khanna remarked, “The feeling of motherhood is something which can't be described in words, but it's amazing. It is a very different feeling and can't be compared to any other happiness. No matter how tired you are, how sleep deprived you, how much pain you have gone through when you hold that little baby in your hand. It's all worth it.” On her hubby, Gautam Gupta being a hands-on daddy, Smriti continued, “I always wanted to see him with his kid and such a nice thing to see him do all the things. I didn't know how much he would bond with the baby. Boys you know how they are chilled out and relaxed. But with the daughter I wanted to see how he will bond. So beautiful to see them together and it is blissful. She loves sleeping on him and he also loves being with her. They sleep together for hours. I think she is totally going to be a daddy's girl when she grows up.”

Gautam Gupta and Anayka

Smriti Khanna often treats her fans with adorable pictures and videos of her baby girl and it surely makes our dull day brighter. A few days back, Smriti had posted an adorable sleeping picture of Anayka, dressed in a yellow-coloured onesie. Smriti had written, “Little Miss Sunshine #4WeeksOld #appleofmyeye” as her caption. In a video later posted by Smriti, the doting mommy had given a glimpse of how Anayka is when she is hungry and we bet, there couldn’t be anyone in the world cuter than she is when hungry. Smriti had captioned the video as “We all have that one friend ..... who’s always hungry.” On which, Gautam Gupta had commented with an array of heart emoticons. (Also Read: Smriti Khanna Shares Video Of Daughter Anayka's First Smile, It Will Indeed Make You 'Smile' All Day)




Much love to Smriti and Gautam’s little princess, Anayka!


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