Sheezan Khan Carries Ex-GF, Tunisha Sharma's Body To The Hospital After Her Suicide In Unseen Video

In the major breakthrough of events, CCTV footage of Sheezan Khan carrying the 20-year-old actress, Tunisha Sharma's body to the hospital went viral.


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Sheezan Khan Carries Ex-GF, Tunisha Sharma's Body To The Hospital After Her Suicide In Unseen Video

Television actress, Tunisha Sharma left for her heavenly abode at the age of 20 on December 23, 2022, and her untimely death took the internet by storm. She was working on the sets of her show, Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul when she committed suicide after hanging herself in her co-star, Sheezan Khan's makeup room. Since then, Sheezan is in a 4-day police custody as the police is currently interrogating him about his link to the case.

Sheezan Khan carried Tunisha Sharma's dead body to the hospital in his arms

Reportedly, Tunisha Sharma was immediately rushed to the hospital, but she was declared brought dead. Recently. a video from the incident surfaced online, and it showed Sheezan Khan carrying Tunisha to the hospital after her suicide with two other crew members of his show, Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul. The CCTV footage featured the now-arrested Sheezan carrying Tunisha in his arms as he took her to a hospital in Naigaon, Maharashtra.

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Police claimed there was no sadness on Sheezan's face

Sheezan Khan is constantly being interrogated by the police. but the actor has been changing his statements again and again. Moreover, he has not yet given the exact reason for his break-up with Tunisha. Meanwhile, the statements of 17 people have been recorded, and more people are being probed. The Waliv police officer told ANI that there was no sadness on Sheezan's face and added:

“The investigation is progressing. So far, the statements of 17 people related to the case have been recorded. Sheezan is changing his statement again and again. Till now he has not given any clear reason for the breakup. The statements of all the people who were present during the suicide on the set will be recorded. Because he is an actor, he might be trying to make it look like this. There is no sadness on his face, but police are probing from every angle.”

Sheezan khan first statement in tunisha suicide case

Tunisha Sharma's ex-boyfriend, Sheezan Khan denied the existence of any other girl in his life

The female cop further revealed that when one of the lady police officers started interrogating Sheezan Khan, he started crying. However, for the last two days, he has been narrating different theories for his breakup with Tunisha Sharma during the investigation. She also revealed that Sheezan has denied the existence of any other girl in his life and added:

“Sheezan has been in police custody for the last two days and we are continuously interrogating the accused. When the lady police officer of Waliv police station reached to interrogate the accused, he started crying. For two consecutive days, he kept on narrating different theories for breaking up with Tunisha but when a woman officer questioned him, he started crying. Whatever inquiry is being done on the basis of the family's allegations. Sheezan has denied the existence of any other girl in his life.”

Why did Tunisha Sharma's ex-boyfriend, Sheezan break up with her?

In his initial statement during the probe, Tunisha Sharma's ex-boyfriend, Sheezan Khan revealed that he was in a relationship with the late actress, but they broke up. Citing the reasons behind the same, he shared that since they both belonged to different religions, their union was not possible. Apart from this, he also revealed how their huge age difference was also a key factor behind their split. Reportedly, the police are not completely satisfied with Sheezan's revelation as they are trying to interrogate Sheezan to find out the real reason behind their breakup. Since Tunisha wanted to marry Sheezan, the police also asked the actor if he had ever forced Tunisha to change her religion.

Tunisha and Sheezan breakup

Tunisha Sharma got a panic attack after Sheezan Khan cheated on her

Soon after her death, Tunisha's mother lodged a complaint against her co-star, Sheezan Khan, who is also the actress' ex-boyfriend. Reportedly, she informed the police that her daughter was suffering while in a relationship with Sheezan. According to the family members, when Tunisha got to know about her boyfriend's affair with another woman, she got so depressed that she even had a panic attack on December 16, 2022. Following the incident, she was admitted to a hospital, and even in her unconsciousness, she kept on repeating that Sheezan did wrong to her and cheated on her.

Tunisha and Sheezan

Tunisha Sharma's final rites

Tunisha Sharma's last rites were performed on December 27, 2022, and the heart-wrenching visuals from the same showed the actress' mother in a devasted state. She was heartbroken to witness her daughter's last rites and was spotted being carried by her family members and famous actor, Shivin Narang, as she was unable to walk. Later, Tunisha's mother fainted during the funeral.

Tunisha's pregnancy

We hope Tunisha Sharma gets justice! 

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