Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over, 2 Days After Getting Married To Ripci Bhatia

Sharad Malhotra married a Delhi-based designer, Ripci Bhatia on April 20, 2019. Shattering the perception of him being marriage-phobic, he has confessed that post-wedding, his marriage phobia is over.


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Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over, 2 Days After Getting Married To Ripci Bhatia

Sirf pyar se kuch nhi hota, nibhani bhi padti hai.” Heard of this adage in movies? Well, there is no doubt that marriage can completely transform you as a person and with it, comes heaps of responsibilities. Beyond the union of two souls, a marriage is a union of two families, and any married couple has to take care of a lot of aspects. No matter what you say, when it comes to wedding, everyone gets jittery and develop cold feet, for the future holds many ups and downs. (Must Read: Arbaaz Khan On Remarrying Post His Divorce With Malaika Arora, Says It Might Happen In My Life Again)

Sharad Malhotra, the Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki fame actor, got married to a Delhi-based designer, Ripci Bhatia on April 20, 2019, and it was a spectacle to behold. But Sharad’s wedding didn’t come as easy as it sounds. He had often been associated with the term- ‘runaway groom’ and self-admittedly, he was marriage-phobic, until recently. But now it seems that his phobia has gone for a toss.

Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over

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Sharad Malhotra, after his marriage with Ripci Bhatia, has now confessed that his marriage-phobia is finally over! As per a Pinkvilla report, Sharad was quoted as saying, “My marriage phobia is finally over. For me, this was the right time and I found the right person. Kehte hain na, shaadi woh ladoo hai jo khaye woh pachtaye aur jo na khaye woh bhi pachtaye. I will surely enjoy this laddoo."

Sharad Malhotra with wife, Ripci Bhatia

Well, good for Sharad, right? The 36-year-old actor had recently shared with the Hindustan Times how his friends had started teasing with the name, ‘runaway groom’. Sharad had shared that either he would keep running away from marriage or get into it to see if it’s bad or good. Sharad had said, "I realised that bahut bhaag liya. I can either keep running away from a marriage all my life, or get into it, experience it and see for myself if it’s good, bad or ugly. My mother was extremely happy when I gave my nod. Having said that, she didn’t give her approval immediately. She took her time to be sure that I was ready for it, given my colourful past. She feared that I would back out again. But everything happened organically. I would call it an arranged-cum-love marriage." (Also Read: Taimur Ali Khan Celebrates Easter With Half-Siblings, Sara Ali Khan And Ibrahim Khan, Picture Inside)

Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over

Sharad Malhotra was earlier in a 9-year-long relationship with his Banoo Main Teri Dulhann co-star, Divyanka Tripathi. Everyone had thought that they would get married but sadly, their relationship didn’t see the light of their wedding. When Sharad was then asked to comment on the same, he had confessed that he had developed cold feet when it came to marriage. He had shared, "There’s not much I can say except that it was a beautiful relationship. But when the word ‘marriage’ popped up, I developed cold feet. It was a long time ago and I was quite immature. One gradually matures with time and experience. Yes, I have made mistakes. As human beings, we all make mistakes. I realise that now but unfortunately, it’s five years down the line. I should have realised it then, but no hard feelings. We have both moved on. She looks very happy and I wish her the very best."

Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over

He had further added, “If I have been with someone for two years or seven years, clearly I am not commitment-phobic. I am with the person, I love the person and it’s all hunky-dory. In all my relationships, I have had some great moments, it’s been fantastic.”

Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi

But it seems that everything happens for a reason. Divyanka Tripathi went on to marry Vivek Dahiya and Sharad is now married to Ripci Bhatia. Commenting on how he and Ripci had met, Sharad had stated to the Hindustan Times, “When I was introduced to Ripci, I had just come out of a relationship and was going through a difficult phase. Initially, we would just exchange occasional pleasantries on social media. It was only after Ganpati last year that we got talking on the phone, which was after my last relationship ended. What connected us probably was our fear of marriage. In fact, Ripci travelled the world for six years to avoid marriage, as the pressure on a girl at her age was mounting. I would have loved to do that, too, but I was constantly working. It’s only recently that our families got involved after we spoke over the phone for a few days. Both of us instantly realised that this is it and decided to take the plunge.” (You May Like: Surveen Chawla Poses For First Family Picture With Daughter After Getting Discharged From Hospital)

Sharad Malhotra and Ripci Bhatia

And finally, on April 20, 2019, Sharad Malhotra and Ripci Bhatia became each other’s forever when they got married in two weddings- a Gurudwara wedding in the day, and a Hindu wedding in the night. The pictures and videos from their wedding went viral on social media. In case you missed them take a look now:

Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over

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Sharad Malhotra Says His Marriage Phobia Is Over

Sharad Malhotra is finally not marriage-phobic anymore! How did you like on hearing this from the horse’s mouth?

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