Shantanu Maheshwari Shares Sneak Peek From His Next Performance Based On His Real-Life Mishap

Shantanu Maheshwari and Nityaami Shirke twinned in shades of blue and maroon punched with bling in their first-ever 'Nach Baliye 9' appearance, our happiness knew no bounds!


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Shantanu Maheshwari Shares Sneak Peek From His Next Performance Based On His Real-Life Mishap

Dil Tere Agge Pichhe Nede Gehde Maarda Phira… Kamla Hai Kyun Teri Akhan Utte Haarda Ae… Ae Ni Kudiye Haaye Oye... Haaye Oye… Samajh Nai Aundi Ae… Sohniye Haaye Oye Haaye Oye… Samajh Nai Aundi Ae- exactly, we couldn’t understand how to express our happiness when this terrific celeb dancer, Shantanu Maheshwari confirmed dating Darshan Raval’s Baarish Lete Aana star, Nityaami Shirke. And soon enough came about their first look together as one of the 12 contestants on the premiere of Nach Baliye 9. (Do Read: Armaan Jain Shares His Secret Engagement Pictures With His Longtime Girlfriend, Anissa Malhotra)

Ever since Shantanu Maheshwari and Nityaami Shirke twinned in shades of blue and maroon punched with bling in their first-ever Nach Baliye 9 appearance, our happiness knew no bounds! Shantanu rose to fame with his terrific dancing skills and have also been a proud winner of various international dance competitions and how his muse, Nityaami would match-up to his steps was what everyone wanted to see. And sure enough, the lovebirds didn’t disappoint us even by a bit.

Nach Baliye 9

After the first ‘dancing episode’ by the Nach Baliye 9 contestants, we look forward to the next dose of entertainment that is in store for us this upcoming weekend. And increasing our curiosity levels, Shantanu Maheshwari shared with us a small teaser of his upcoming performance this week, which is based on a real-life mashup. Sharing a glimpse of the same, the Dil Dosti Dance actor wrote, “This is the first time I have ever incorporated my real-life situation on stage... the feeling was so raw and different for me but something I wanted to do... as a tribute to @nityaami.shirke for showing so much positivity and strength... Thanks @desihoppers @macedon008 @subhash92_desihopper @mohitantony @dhanshree.yadav @starplus @banijayasia #nachbaliye9 #nishan.”

Shantanu and Nityaami

We were all heartbroken when news came about that Shantanu Maheshwari and Nityaami Shirke might opt out of Nach Baliye 9 due to the latter’s ligament tear. Thankfully, the duo will continue to strive forward and the news was shared by none other than already a victor, Nityaani. Sharing a glimpse of their dance practice, the lady wrote, “This was two days before @shantanu.maheshwari and I performed for the first time together on the #nachbaliye9 stage. Up until this day, there were nerves but mostly just excitement to be able to do our best as a Jodi! Unfortunately, on the day of our first stage rehearsal, I landed wrong after a lift and fell. I knew something was wrong with my knee the minute I fell but I don’t think any of us realised how serious it was. We went on to rehearse later that day, and at this point I didn’t want anything to get in the way of our performance, though I struggled a little as you guys can see here. I genuinely feel like where there’s a will, there’s a way." (Must Read: Sarvagun Sampanna's Tina Philip Is All Set To Get Engaged Next Month To Co-Star From Another Show)



Nityaami Shirke’s post further continued, “So we powered on, and performed! It was a stressful few days for Our entire team, but post performance when my knee wasn’t improving and I got a scan, we realised I had a near-complete ACL tear, my PCL was damaged and I had a tear in my medial meniscus. So when I saw an orthopaedic surgeon, he said forget dancing, even walking was detrimental at this point. When life throws something like this at you, I feel like you have to take the setback and believe that your comeback will be stronger. Honestly, we’ve been hit with the worst-case scenario, but I feel like we have the passion and willingness to work around this. Shantanu, @desihoppers and I, would love to know what you thought about our upcoming performance this week and whether or not you felt our passion on screen. And thank you for aaaalllll the love and support that’s been pouring in regarding this, it means the world to us all!! @macedon008 @subhash92_desihopper @mohitantony @dhanshree.yadav.”

Shatanu and Nityaami

It was on July 20, 2019, when Shantanu Maheshwari shouted from the rooftop (not literally, silly!), announcing to the world that he is now all taken. Introducing his ladylove, Nityaami, Shantanu had written, “I’m a private person and I like to keep things like that but now that I’m doing #nachbaliye, my relationship is out in open... So confirming that YES I’m dating @nityaami.shirke and we are in this 'like' phase of our relationship. We both never thought we would end up dating each other when we first met as my ek tarfa pyaar was still prevailing in my heart... and we hail from very different backgrounds, but somehow we connected... Nach Baliye was not something that was in the picture but we both thought of exploring our relationship via this...good bad ugly - we don't know what will be the course of our journey...Yes, I know it’s a big decision, don’t know what to expect and how things will go... but hopefully we continue to enjoy and explore our relationship. Let’s see where it takes us." (Also Read: Anushka Sharma Reveals The Truth Behind Virat Kohli's On-Field Aggression, Shares How He's Off-Field)



On the same day, Nityaami Shirke too, through an adorable boomerang, introduced her beau, Shantanu. She had stated, “All the way from our show together, to where we are right now, I don’t think either of us expected what would happen. Jab I first met Shantanu on set, I never thought we’d get as close as we did and bond like we did, especially considering we were otherwise different personalities and came from such different worlds. I think what connected us was that we are both easy going and we could start a conversation about anything really. Also, the fact that we’re both private, family people. I was so damn surprised that someone like Shantanu was as grounded and as down to earth as he is. The more I got to know him off set, I realised that he was genuinely someone I looked up to and respected. And so, that’s how it all began! Entering Nach Baliye wasn’t planned but it kind of happened at the exact time we’d started getting to know each other better. Though honestly, things are just starting out and both of us will always be friends pehle! That being said, I’m excited that we get to share the stage and just have fun together I know yeh Sab easy toh Nahin hoga and there will be ups and downs - but I wouldn’t want this journey to be with anyone else and I can’t wait to see where it will take us #readytonach @shantanu.maheshwari.”



Shantanu and Nityaami, we love you already! Can’t wait to see more amazing performances of you both!

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