Shah Rukh Khan Revealed How He Would Woo Gauri If She Ever Leaves Him, Proves He Is An Ideal Husband

In a throwback interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed how he would win back his ladylove, Gauri Khan if she ever decides to leave him.


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Shah Rukh Khan Revealed How He Would Woo Gauri If She Ever Leaves Him, Proves He Is An Ideal Husband

The man, who taught us pyaar dosti hai and safeguarded our faith in love and marriage, is none other than the King of romance, Shah Rukh Khan. We have seen many legendary couples in Bollywood, but Shah Rukh Khan’s love for his begum, Gauri Khan is unmatchable. In the world of glamour, where relationship status changes in the blink of an eye, Shah Rukh and Gauri are pure couple goals.

With his journey of love, Shah Rukh Khan had made us believe that love triumphs all. Way before we had fallen in love with this handsome, dimpled actor, he had lost his heart to the charming Gauri Chhibber. After facing a lot of issues in their relationship, be it their inter-religion love or his possessive nature, Shah Rukh and Gauri's love for one another had surpassed all.

Shah Rukh Khan

It was on October 25, 1991, when Shah Rukh and Gauri had tied the knot as per Hindu rituals and had begun their happily-ever-after journey. In an old talk show of actress, Farida Jalal, Shah Rukh Khan had revealed how he would win back Gauri if she ever plans to leave him. When the host of the show had asked him, “If one morning Gauri says that she is fed up with you and leaves you saying goodbye, what would you do?” 

To this, the King of romance had replied,

“Waise toh use aise karna nahin chahiye. Pehle toh main kadpe phad ke sadak pe khada ho jaunga and maybe sing the song ‘Gori Gori O Baanki Chhori’ and I’m sure she will come back.” Shah Rukh’s answer not only proved that he is the undisputed Baadshah of romance, but also showed us the kind of husband he is.

We all know how films play an important role in Shah Rukh’s life, the King Khan had also gone on records, in many media interactions, and stated that if ever he is asked to make a choice between his career and Gauri, he'll leave films for her. We have seen how King Khan had made a niche for himself in Bollywood without a ‘Khandaan’ to back him. It is Gauri, who had believed in his dreams and had supported him throughout.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

On March 27, 2019, Shah Rukh had celebrated World Theatre Day, and as we all know he had begun his acting journey from theatre, which holds a huge part in his success. The actor had taken to his Instagram handle and had posted a lovable selfie with the director of his life and his wife, Gauri.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Along with the picture, he had penned a heart-melting note for Gauri, which could be read as “Being with you is like being on Stage. There’s so much light, I can’t see anything else. Curiosity to know New, Humility to accept u will never know if fully...makes u an actor. #WorldTheaterDay.”

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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan will always be the King of romance!

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