Sania Mirza's Sister, Anam Mirza Reveals She Miscarried Her First Baby, Says 'It Was A Big Loss'

Sania Mirza's sister Anam Mirza opened up about her first miscarriage, and how she dealt with losing her first child. She also talked about her high-risk second pregnancy.


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Sania Mirza's Sister, Anam Mirza Reveals She Miscarried Her First Baby, Says 'It Was A Big Loss'

Sania Mirza's sister, Anam Mirza, is known as a famous fashion designer and Vlogger. She loves sharing her journey on her YouTube channel. Recently, Anam talked about her first miscarriage in 2021, and how she dealt with the tough time. The gorgeousness also talked about getting pregnant again and her weight gain during delivery.

Anam Mirza talked about her first miscarriage

In her latest Vlog, Anam Mirza answered all the fans' questions regarding her pregnancy journey. However, she started her video by talking about her first miscarriage. Anam Mirza shared that in 2021 when she was in London with her nephew, Izhaan, she found out about her first pregnancy. She added that she was least expecting the news but had a lot of health anxiety. 

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Sania Mirza, Anam Mirza and Asad

Anam revealed that by the time she came back from London and settled in, she had a miscarriage. Talking about the fateful time, Anam said:

"When I was Izhaan in London, I found I was pregnant. We were least expecting it, and mai test kari, it came positive. But mereko generally health anxiety hai. When we came back and settled in I had a miscarriage."

Anam called it the toughest time, and her health anxiety doubled after the miscarriage. She said we are not allowed to discuss miscarriage as the family says 'Bolna nahi'. Anam added that it was such a significant loss, and it is so important to talk about it. Anam shared that when she told people she had a miscarriage, many people told her that they had gone through it. 

Anam revealed she found out about her second pregnancy in December 2021

In the Vlog, Anam shared that she got a second time pregnant in December 2021. Anam added that she wasn't expecting it and was in Dubai. However, due to her first miscarriage, she was anxious. She added that the fear remained with her till her first trimester. However, Anam added that during the second trimester, she finally accepted she was pregnant and started enjoying her pregnancy. 

Anam Mirza revealed she was 97 kgs by the end of her pregnancy

In the same video, Anam further shared that she got super heavy during her pregnancy, and she was 97 kgs by the end. She added that she had put on a lot of weight as she would hog on food, and carelessly kept eating throughout the pregnancy. She added that she enjoyed her time. 

Anam talked about C-section delivery

Anam Mirza further added that she had a C-section delivery. However, she was going for norma; delivery, and her water broke on August 14, 2022. However, she wasn't dilating and took an epidural, but nothing worked, and after eighteen hours, her doctor advised her to go for a C-section delivery. 

Watch the video here!

Well, Anam's pregnancy story inspires all the struggling women who have been going through the same. 

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