Sameera Reddy Lashes Out At Moms Who Judged Kareena Kapoor Khan For Being Working Mother

Sameera Reddy is high on life these days as she is expecting her second baby with husband Akshai Varde. On and off she keeps sharing her views on Instagram. Here's her new post in support of Kareena!


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Sameera Reddy Lashes Out At Moms Who Judged Kareena Kapoor Khan For Being Working Mother

One of the famous Bollywood actresses, Sameera Reddy is high on life these days. The actress, who got married to her long-time boyfriend, Akshai Varde on January 21, 2014, is expecting her second baby this year. In 2016, their first kid- a boy was born, and they lovingly named him, Hans Varde. Though Sameera has gone through all the ups and downs of being pregnant and that beautiful feeling of giving birth to a life, this time also, she is fully enjoying these days. (You May Also Like: Ekta Kapoor's Newborn Son, Ravie Kapoor Has A High Temper, Reveals How She's Managing Things)

Sameera has been very vocal about her thoughts on social media and she has been getting all the acknowledgements for the same. She keeps supporting her friends from the industry and shares her views. Of late, Sameera might have had a chat with a few mothers, who would have been judging Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan. This didn’t go down well with Sameera, and just like always, she voiced her opinion on social media and lashed out at them with a perfect reply.

Sameera Reddy pregnant

Sameera took to her official Instagram handle and shared a picture with Kareena. Sameera’s strong post could be read as, “Recently I was chatting a bunch of moms who were judging Kareena for being a Career mom. I said something then and I reiterate on this post. Working moms are badass babes! They juggle it all and that comes from a space of strength. They also have their share of guilt that they deal with. I’ve seen Kareena has an intense bond with her son. Our kids go to the same school and one can see how he adores her and is so connected to her and it comes across in every interaction I’ve had with them.”

Sameera Reddy

Sameera further wrote, “I’ve seen loads of stay at home moms who have nannies too and choose to have a very active social life so who is judging anyone here. It’s so easy to classify but let’s rethink the definition of the perfect mother. There is no definition because no mom is perfect including me #mothersday everyday #dontjudge #support #mom #motherhood #wereinthistogether.” 

Sameera Reddy talks about weight gain

In fact, a few days back, when Sameera was trolled for her pregnancy weight gain, she had given a kickass reply and had given an example Kareena at that time too. Bashing the tolls, she had retorted, “I have one question for these trolls. Where do you guys come from? Your mothers, right? Was your mother very hot after you came out? I am just saying that it’s shameful because it is such a natural process and it’s so beautiful, it’s so amazing. And there are sexy ones like Kareena who just come out looking fully hot and then there are people like me who take time. It took me time with the first baby. Maybe it will take me time with the second baby. But what’s important is to accept yourself. And to all the trolls out there, say what you want guys. I think that I have a superpower. I am giving birth to a baby.” (Also Read: Sonam K Ahuja Wants Hubby, Anand Ahuja To Focus On Her While Video-Calling Instead Of Instagram)

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On Mother’s Day (May 12, 2019), Sameera had taken to her Instagram handle and dedicated her Mother’s Day post to B-town diva, Sonali Bendre. She had written, “It was exactly one year ago I met Sonali at Miss Malini’s studio. We were shooting for the girl tribe show. Just a few weeks later I heard she was diagnosed with cancer. And in this one-year Sonali has gone through so much and come out such a winner. She has been an amazing mother to Ranveer, and I am sure it was tough on him and her husband with the sudden shock of being diagnosed. I can only imagine what they went through.”

Sameera Reddy

She had further gone to write, “I told her recently that I felt how in this picture she was the Sonali Bendre of the past and how now in her new avatar she is a powerful warrior who has emerged even more graceful and courageous and I respect her for it. She inspires me and this Mother’s Day i want to recognise her determination as something we all can learn from. #happymothersday #mothersday #everyday #strong #mom #mother #woman #respect #motherhood #inspire #sonalibendre.” (Checkout: Sharad Malhotra Shares How Ripci Malhotra Reacted To His Female Fans' Responses To Their Wedding)

Sameera Reddy

These days, Sameera has been in the news and the credit goes to the little life she is carrying inside her. Confirming the news of her second pregnancy, Sameera had told SpotboyE, “Gosh! How did you know? I have not told a soul yet. But now that you have called, yes, let me tell you the truth that I’m carrying for the second time. I’m four months pregnant. This is a planned baby. It is one of the reasons why I have refused quite a bit of work in the recent past. Akshai and I wanted to have the second baby in 2019. My due date is in July.”

Sameera Reddy pregnant

She had further added that she doesn’t feel shy to proudly flaunt her baby bump, “In my first pregnancy, I was very shy and thought about a lot of things but now I feel it's very different. I remember I used to cover up a lot during the first pregnancy now I'm like bring it on. I can also be hot when I'm pregnant. So, it's just a matter of mindset.” (Don't Miss: Alaia Furniturewala's Unique Way To Reunite Mom Pooja Bedi And Her Father Kabir Bedi, Details Inside)

It's always good to see an actress supporting another actress, and moreover, in this post, it is about a woman supporting another woman. Amazing, isn't it?

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