Sameera Reddy Never Applies 'Sindoor' But Her Mom Asked Her To And She Liked It

Sameera Reddy, who is 7-months-pregnant, shared her 'sindoor look' for the first time on Instagram. She questioned if sindoor is a part of our generation or not? Pictures inside!


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Sameera Reddy Never Applies 'Sindoor' But Her Mom Asked Her To And She Liked It

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya fame actress, Sameera Reddy got married to her long-time boyfriend, Akshai Varde on January 21, 2014. And two years later, in 2016, the couple became proud parents to their baby boy, Hans Varde. Sameera and Akshai are now all set to embrace parenthood for the second time as Sameera is 7 months pregnant currently, and she is due in July, tentatively. (Also Read: 'Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant' Fame Neha Kaul Is Pregnant, Announces News In Unique Way (Pic Inside))

As the 34-year-old actress is in her last trimester, she is quite active on Instagram and keeps updating her fans with pregnancy tips and news, every now and then. From posting about how she had gained weight post her first pregnancy to flaunting her baby bump in style, Sameera Reddy's Instagram account has become a guide for the expecting mothers out there!

Sameera Reddy flaunting her baby bump

Sameera Reddy, amidst pregnancy related posts, has shared something which is a first in her life! Wondering what? Well, Sameera Reddy has shared her sindoor look for the first time publicly on Instagram. Emanating grace and earthly beauty, Sameera Reddy shared the following pictures proudly wearing sindoor. She wrote, "We did a havan at home this weekend. I usually never wear a sindoor.. but there is something about it that’s so traditional and Indian. My mother has put it on every single day of her married life. I guess it’s just not a part of our generation or is it? I have to admit I kind of liked it on. #indian #traditional #tradition #sindoor."

Sameera Reddy's sindoor look

Sameera Reddy's sindoor look

Sameera Reddy's other recent posts have been dedicated to the mothers. In fact, yesterday, on May 12, 2019, on the occasion of Mother's Day, Sameera Reddy shared a beautiful picture with her mother and mother-in-law, she wrote, "Mother’s Day with my two beautiful moms! #blessed #happymothersday #mom #motherinlaw #mothersday #everyday @manjrivarde #nikkireddy." Take a look:

Sameera Reddy with mom and mom-in-law

In another post, a few days before Mother's Day, Sameera Reddy had shared a cutesy picture with her son, Hans Varde with a sunset background. Along with the pic, she had written, "Mother’s Day should be about celebrating all women who are trying to conceive, women who adopt, women who are staying at home moms and career moms because we all have one thing in common. We all try to be the best mothers we can. Easy to judge what’s the right or correct way but it’s so individualistic. I also respect women who choose not to have children at all #respect #women #happymothersday #mothersday #everyday."

Sameera Reddy with son, Hans Varde

Sameera Reddy's other post, dedicated to her mom, is from a week ago. In the pic, we can see Sameera and her mom in a selfie picture smiling whole-heartedly for the camera. She captioned the photo as, "My dearest mama .. Mother’s Day is around the corner but I can’t tell you how every day I thank god you are by my side always watching over and giving me strength love you mom #mothersday #everyday #mymama #nikkireddy." (Recommended Read: Misha Kapoor Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mother, Mira Rajput Kapoor From Her Childhood Days)

Sameera Reddy with her mother

Sameera Reddy, owing to her on-going pregnancy, had shared on Instagram how she had disappeared from the acting scene because she had gained weight after delivering her first child. Sharing a before-and-after-picture of her, Sameera had written, “I touched 102 Kgs in May 2015, the month Hans was born and I’m not scared to admit it. It took me to the deepest darkest places in my head. My confidence shattered. And I couldn’t lose the weight for a year after because I was too scared to even step out. I disappeared because I didn’t have the strength to be judged by the world after all the years of being glam and fit on screen. But the beautiful part is that you can only hit your lowest low to know you can absolutely climb out of that hole. It’s a fight. A hard one.”

Sameera Reddy's two pregnancies

Sameera Reddy’s post could be further read as “Took me 2 years more to lose the weight and to step out and face the world again but I wish I had the courage then. I did it naturally with no fad diets, no easy way out. Only with a dedicated workout, yoga, pilates and strength training. It’s important for me to post this now because I need women to know the struggle is real. The mood swings, hormonal changes and losing your body shape can mess with your mind. It’s a superficial world and people can be hurtful if you don’t keep up. But the key is to be fearless. Only you can get out of that rut. It’s yours to change. Be brave. You can move mountains if you just will it."

Sameera Reddy flaunting her baby bump

We all know that any celebrity who posts anything on social media, he/she is always trolled by the good-for-nothing netizens who only spread hatred and negativity online. Giving it back to people who body shame pregnant women, Sameera Reddy had recently shared in an auto-expo show, “I have one question for these trolls. Where do you guys come from? Your mothers right? Was your mother very hot after you came out? I am just saying that it’s shameful because it is such a natural process and it’s so beautiful, it’s so amazing. And there are sexy ones like Kareena who just come out looking fully hot and then there are people like me who take time. It took me time with the first baby. Maybe it will take me time with the second baby. But what’s important is to accept yourself. And to all the trolls out there, say what you want guys. I think that I have a superpower. I am giving birth to a baby.”

Sameera Reddy flaunting her baby bump

Sameera Reddy had further revealed that she was shy after her first pregnancy but now she has evolved and thinks that she can be hotter and pregnant at the same time. Sameera had added, “I was like what people will expect, and how fast I will lose my weight. But now I feel different, cool, charming. I remember I used to cover up a lot in my first baby but now I am like bring it on. I can also be hotter and pregnant. The women in our culture have become very accepting of pregnant women and why not?”

Sameera Reddy flaunting her baby bump

Opening up about her and hubby, Akshai Varde's love story, Sameera Reddy had once shared with a media portal, “Akshai has his own range of motorbikes. That’s how we met. I love motorbikes and riding them is my passion. Akshai saw me whizzing past on this really mean macho machine. I think he was impressed. Our relationship started there. We have known one another for years. Akshai is well-known in his own field but not part of showbiz. I think that was very important for me. I wanted to marry outside the film industry.” (Must Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya's Mom Neelam Tripathi Gives Her The Most Precious Gift, Details Inside)

Sameera Reddy and Akshai Varde

Sameera Reddy's sindoor look which we are seeing for the first time is so elegant, right? Stay tuned to know more about her pregnancy updates and to catch the first glimpse of her second baby.

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