Sameera Reddy Posts A Strong And Inspirational Message On Breastfeeding And She Is Absolutely Right

'De Dana Dan' actress, Sameera Reddy and her husband, Akshai Varde became parents to a baby girl on July 12, 2019. Here, the newbie mommy shares an inspirational message on breastfeeding.


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Sameera Reddy Posts A Strong And Inspirational Message On Breastfeeding And She Is Absolutely Right

Newbie mommy, Sameera Reddy is currently on the seventh sky as she has recently welcomed her baby girl, for whom the entire family was praying. For the ones who are not aware of Sameera’s personal life, well, she is married to Akshai Varde since 2014, and on May 24, 2015, they had welcomed their first baby, Hans Varde. Recently, on July 12, 2019, Sameera and Akshai welcomed their second child, a baby girl, whose name they are still pondering over.

Social media is a very powerful platform (like literally) wherein we can share our bunch of thoughts with everyone. And this is exactly that Sameera has been doing all throughout her second pregnancy journey. Right from teaching a lesson to the ones who trolled pregnant ladies to sharing her experiences during the journey, Sameera did it all this time. (Also Read: Akshay Kumar Reveals How Wife, Twinkle Has Been A Big Help In His Career, Couldn't Stop Praising Her)

Sameera Reddy Baby Shower

Today, on July 23, 2019, Sameera took to her official Instagram handle yet again to share her experience of breastfeeding. Posting a lovely picture with her newborn baby resting on her shoulder, Sameera wrote, “Day 11 - Happiness galore with no sleep, colic and feeding round the clock! I think I forgot how stressful breastfeeding can be!! I mean the pressure Is quite real and the whole top feed balance after a c-sec is hectic! I finally am exclusively feeding her but the whole process is something that should be natural, but it’s made to be very stressful.” (Checkout: Sanjay Dutt's Wife Maanayata's LED Revolving Birthday Cake Is Royal, Couple Twins At Dinner Date)

She further penned, “I realised with the feedback that a lot of women struggle with it. I think it’s cool if a mom wants to move totally to formula or only BF or balance both. There is no shame, and no one can define what’s the perfect way. We’re doing the best we can! Ladoos to pumps I’m on job but damn it’s really quite hard!” Take a look at the picture she shared:

Sameera Reddy

Expressing how blessed she and her entire family is upon welcoming the little bundle of joy, Sameera had written a few days back, “This little girl gave me the strength of wild horses. She wanted me to find myself again. She knew I was lost, and she showed me the way. I found a voice in celebrating motherhood, wanting change on body perception and the best part was reaching out to people to just feel good about themselves. I’m so happy that people felt so connected and supported me to get here! We prayed for a #babygirl and we are #blessed!"

Sameera Reddy

A few days ago, Sameera had also shared her postpartum journey and had penned, “As part of my #imperfectlyperfect campaign I promised I’d share my postpartum journey so here goes. It’s really damn hard on the body when it’s a c section because the stitches hurt like mad. Nothing can ready you for the sleepless nights of endless feeding and your body just feels so out of whack it can really get you down. The tummy swelling takes a while to go and this is day 5 post-delivery. I’m thrilled to have my daughter in my arms, but I can’t help but feel hormonally challenged because of all the changes. It all bounces back and that’s the silver lining!" (Do Read: Arjun Rampal Posts A Beautiful Picture Holding His Baby Boy's Little Hand For The First Time)

Sameera Reddy

A few months back, Sameera had opted for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on her Instagram handle wherein she had shared that she was into depression post the birth of her first child, Hans. When one of her fans had questioned her, “Your biggest failure and how did you handle it?” Sameera had replied, “My biggest failure was giving in to depression after my firstborn. I didn’t fight it. It took me too long to realise I felt bad about my body and my image. I hid from the world and was worried about what people would think of me. I took therapy and homoeopathy. I will never let that happen again.”

Sameera Reddy

Wishing Sameera and her little munchkin a healthy life ahead!

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