Sajid Khan's Wife, Lubna Khan Privately Donated Her Kidney To 'Devar' Wajid Khan, Reveals His Mother

In the latest episode of popular singing reality show, 'Indian Pro Music League', Sajid Khan's mother, Razina, revealed her son's wife, Lubna, donated her kidney to her late son Wajid Khan.


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Sajid Khan's Wife, Lubna Khan Privately Donated Her Kidney To 'Devar' Wajid Khan, Reveals His Mother

The singing reality show, Indian Pro Music League, is grabbing all the headlines after the latest episode of the show, which was dedicated to late composer and signer, Wajid Khan left the viewers teary-eyed. One of the biggest reasons everyone is talking about the show on social media is that Sajid Khan's mother, Razina and his wife, Lubna Khan, appeared on the show and revealed a groundbreaking revelation about their family. The doting mother revealed that his son, Sajid's wife, Lubna ji had donated her kidney to Wajid in order to save his life, and the revelation left everyone speechless.

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For the unversed, on the first day of June 2020, we had heard the news of Wajid Khan's death. The man who was part of Bollywood's iconic duo, Sajid-Wajid. The famous music composer had left us all for the heavenly adobe after a cardiac arrest.

Sajid Khan brother Wajid Khan

In the latest episode of the popular singing reality show, Indian Pro Music League, Sajid Khan's mother, Razina, with his wife, Lubna Khan, appeared on the special show dedicated to his late Wajid Khan. During the show, the family got emotional after watching a beautiful monologue dedicated to the late composer. After which, Sajid and his mother, Razina ji shared a heartbreaking revelation about their late brother and son, Wajid, that stunned the whole contestants, judges, and audience. Razina ji revealed that there was a time when her younger son, Wajid, was in desperate need of a kidney, but no one had come forward to help them. The mother has revealed that she had tried giving her own, but because she had diabetes, the doctors had said no to her. The whole family was trying their best, but none of their relatives had helped them, and their hopes had started declining, seeing no signs of a match from anywhere.

After which, it was Sajid Khan's wife, Lubna Khan, who had donated her kidney without informing her mother-in-law about her decision and had saved her devar, Wajid Khan's life, from that life-threatening moment. Razina ji shared her daughter-in-law's incredible gesture with immense pride and heaped heavy praises on her. She said, "We had asked all our relatives. However, no one came forward, but Lubna ji secretly got all her tests done and gave him her kidney during that time. In today's time, even parents don't give a kidney to their kids, but she gave it without thinking twice." Indeed, this is an outrageous act of kindness and is the epitome of the fact that no matter what, your family always has your back.

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Sajid Khan mother Razina wife Lubna Khan

After huge applause from everyone, Lubna Khan also talked about her decision of donating a kidney to her brother-in-law, Wajid Khan and stated that she had only informed her husband, Sajid Khan, about her decision but that too before the final test. Lubna ji said, "When I heard that someone else could also donate him a Kidney, I didn't ask anyone, just got all the tests done. Before the last test, I told Wajid everything and told him that if we're a match, we'll go for a transplant. He was very upset, but I told him one thing that you're very important to me, and that left him speechless."

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The doting sister-in-law, Lubna Khan, proved that relations are made up of feelings and love, not with blood. Going further in her statement, Lubna ji revealed that her late devar, Wajid was extremely supportive and never missed a chance to help anyone. Thus, it was her responsibility to not let him down during his moment of need. She added, "The person who has always stood by everyone, if his family doesn't stand by him in his time of need, then it is very shameful. Thankfully, we were a match. Sajid, my mother, and my children were very supportive, and I am happy I could do this for him." It's hard to find a family member like Lubna ji in this world, and indeed it is what family is all about.

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