Saif Ali Khan Reveals Details About Son, Ibrahim Ali Khan's Bollywood Debut, Says He's 'Prepared'

Saif Ali Khan has confirmed that his son and Sara's younger brother, Ibrahim Ali Khan is all set to follow their footsteps. Scroll down to know more!


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Saif Ali Khan Reveals Details About Son, Ibrahim Ali Khan's Bollywood Debut, Says He's 'Prepared'

Time and again, Bollywood is stirred with the nepotism debate which sometimes has a long-lasting effect and sometimes it goes away unnoticed. It had begun with the infamous episode of Koffee With Karan, wherein, Kangana Ranaut, an outsider had bashed Karan Johar for preferring star kids over raw talent from outside the film fraternity. She had even gone on to call Karan the 'flag-bearer of Nepotism'. The rift that had started as a joke had gone on to become a widely discussed and debated issue. (Recommended Read: Anushka Sharma Flaunts Her Baby Bump In A Frilled Dress For Hubby, Virat Kohli's Birthday [Video])

Another star kid might make his much-awaited debut soon, and we wonder if the scruffle might start again. Bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan's daughter, Sara Ali Khan had made her debut in the year 2018, with the movie, Kedarnath. Now, Saif has confirmed in a conversation with SpotboyE that his son and Sara's younger brother, Ibrahim Ali Khan is all set to follow their footsteps. Scroll down to know more! 

Saif Ali Khan and family

Saif Ali Khan hinted that his son, Ibrahim Ali Khan is 'prepared' to make a career in acting. He said, "Ibrahim seems prepared for a career in acting. And why not? I'd like all my children to be in this profession. It is the best place to work in. I remember at 17-18 I was a mess. Acting saved me from self-destruction. Having the job, the sense of identity it has given me job satisfaction. Also, the enjoyment it has given me is more than I could ask for." 

Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Saif also talked about Ibrahim's interests and added, "He should (join Bollywood), he's looking good, better looking than I am! He's a very charming guy. I definitely think all of my children would be interested in acting. We're an acting family, the whole bunch of us are in the industry. So I'm sure. He's still a little young, and I'm keener that he does university first. Then, of course, we'll support him in whatever he wants to do." 

Ibrahim Ali Khan

On the topic of whether he might or might not launch his son, Saif Ali Khan said, "I don't know if I will launch him. It's an option, and films are certainly a viable career choice for him. He's sporty and likes the idea of being in the movies rather than pursuing an academic job. No one in the family, with the exception of his sister (Sara), has been interested in the latter anyway." (Also Read: Mira Rajput Kapoor Recalls Festive Days With Her Girlfriends, Shahid Kapoor Drops A 'Pretty' Comment )

Saif Ali Khan and family

When asked what advice he would give his son, Saif said, "It's a different universe now, with different benchmarks. I would tell him to be well prepared and choose his films carefully." Earlier, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Saif Ali Khan was asked about his little son, Taimur Ali Khan's future and he had clearly stated that he wants his son to become an actor in Bollywood. He had said, "I hope he finds a nice job when he grows up. I hope he keeps it up on the Friday of his first release. I'd like him to be an actor." 

Saif Ali Khan and family

Earlier, there were rumours that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's little kid, Taimur Ali Khan will be making his debut in Bollywood in 2020. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Saif had refuted all the rumours surrounding his little boy's entry into the films. He was quoted as saying, "I am really surprised. Some people don't know us well. I am very surprised that after 30 years of knowing us, people imagine that we would put Taimur in a film, or even allow that to happen in a nightmare scenario, or in an extended reality in the Twilight zone, or an episode of Black Mirror. There's just no chance on Earth. We are not like that." (Don't Miss: Niti Taylor And Parikshit Bawa Celebrate Their First Karwa Chauth, Actress Shares Stunning Pictures)

Are you excited for junior Pataudi's entry into the films?

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