Saif Ali Khan Opens Up About Him Being A Victim Of Nepotism, Says Inequality Prevails Everywhere

The son of Nawab Pataudi and veteran actress, Sharmila Tagore, Saif has always been vocal about his opinions, and he has sparked a new debate over him being the victim of nepotism!


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Saif Ali Khan Opens Up About Him Being A Victim Of Nepotism, Says Inequality Prevails Everywhere

Following the tragedy of Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, the spark of debate over nepotism has hit Bollywood again, and this time, the uproar, disagreements, protests and the blame game have taken a spike. A lot of mainstream actors, who are 'outsiders' have come forward and spoken about nepotism, after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise. But this time, an 'insider', a star kid, has spoken about being a victim of nepotism and it has sparked a new controversy altogether. Saif Ali Khan is one of those rare, intellectual actors who voices his opinions without any filter. He had made some strong points after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise over the industry's reaction to it. (Recommended Read: Anupam Kher's Mom, Dulari Sings A Bollywood Song, He Teases Her Asking If She's Missing His Dad)

Saif Ali Khan had made a strong statement on people who had taken no time in pouring out condolences on social media as soon as the news of the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput had come out. Saif had told the Times Of India, "Yeah, that's the point I'm making – that nobody really cares in this town. So to pretend they really care is, you know, it's a little much for me, it's a little much to digest. Like, you know, they're really coming across as the most' feeling' people because they want their fans to think that they're the most, feeling people, but that's just untrue! Just for Sushant's memory, there should be some dignity. If nothing else, you should just create some silence. I don't think this is the time to comment. And let's just respect that moment by keeping quiet, not by saying how much you cared about him or didn't care about him, because, obviously, none of that mattered to him. So what's the point of saying all of it now?."

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After Kunal Kemmu, the Tanhaji actor once again has stirred debate over heavyweights of Bollywood having sole dominance in the industry, and to make it big; you have to comply. Saif told the New Indian Express that even he had been a victim of nepotism, "There is inequality in India that needs to be explored. Nepotism, favouritism and camps are different subjects. Even I have been a victim of nepotism, but nobody speaks of that." As surprising as it is for you to read, it was for us to write! Come to think of it; Saif Ali Khan is the son of Nawab Pataudi and veteran actress, Sharmila Tagore, he has always been vocal about his opinions and speaks without a filter, a trait which is not seen very commonly in the industry. And not to forget, he is amongst the finest actors of our generation. Well, we laid our points, draw the conclusion yourself!

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Saif had also spoken bluntly about what are his thoughts on Sushant Singh Rajput being a victim of nepotism, which had coaxed him to take such a drastic step and end his life. He had said to TOI, "I don't really agree with that also. People are failing people constantly. Everyone talking about him, even those saying who failed you or didn't fail you is, I think, somewhat exploiting his name. To take any stand at the moment, apart from just sorrow, and just saying that I'm really sad that he had no way out except this – any other comment is somewhere manipulating the situation, I feel. To blame anybody or to you know, draw these camps out, this is pathetic. And it's sad that film people can't think beyond films. We will all assume that this terrible thing happened to him because of his films. There is more to life. Maybe he was upset about other things in his life. Maybe it was a personal reason. Maybe it's nothing to do with films." (You May Also Like: Sushmita Sen's Daughter, Alisah Sen Embarrasses Mom During Instagram Live After Calling Her This)

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Speaking further about the chaos after Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, Saif had bashed people who according to him, had tried to gain mileage from this tragedy. He had told TOI, "There are so many people who've made comments so quickly. And it just seems to me that people are somewhere gaining some mileage from this poor fellow's tragedy, you know, whether it's to show compassion or to show interest or to show some political stance. So many people are talking rubbish in this nonstop kind of barrage on social media and it's just embarrassing, really, I think. Out of respect for him, for Sushant's tragedy, maybe a day of silence or introspection would be a little more becoming than this outpouring of love, from people who obviously didn't care about him and people who famously don't care about anybody else." (Also Read: Sangeita Chauhaan's Reply When Manish Raisinghan Asked If He Can Go On Post-Marriage Bachelors' Trip)

Well, the topic of nepotism is a very stretched turf. What are your thoughts on Saif's statements? 

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