Know All The Fun And Sacred Rituals Of A Punjabi Wedding - Roka To Chooda Ceremony

The big fat Punjabi weddings are known all over the world for the 'naach-gaana' and mouth-watering 'khaana'. And here we are giving you a ride into a Punjabi wedding ritual. Check it out!


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Know All The Fun And Sacred Rituals Of A Punjabi Wedding - Roka To Chooda Ceremony

In India, getting married is one of the most important milestones. The moment a man or a woman celebrate their 25th birthday, the entire family starts asking the most dreaded question, Shaadi ka kya plan hai, especially if they are Punjabi. After all, Punjabis never miss a chance to party and for them, a wedding in the family is like a big party! They love to party and are also excellent hosts. This fun-loving nature of theirs reflects in their weddings too, and also in all the pre-and post-wedding functions.

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The main attractions of any big, fat Punjabi wedding are delicious mouth-watering feasts and delicacies, good music and lots of dancing. Punjabi weddings are colourful, loud and full of masti and dhamal. Here are all the fun pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals that are an important part of a Punjabi shaadi!

Roka ceremony 

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In this ceremony, the families of the bride and the groom commit the beginning of a new family relationship with each other. They exchange gifts, fruits and dry fruits.


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In the sagan ceremony, the groom’s family hosts a function in which the girl’s family gives gifts to the groom’s family. The bride’s father puts a tikka on the groom’s forehead.

Chunni chadai 

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During either the sagan ceremony or the roka, the groom’s sister or mother puts a red or a pink chunni (veil) on the girl’s head and give her jewellery and traditional clothes.

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In the sagai ceremony, the couple exchanges rings and the bride’s family give gifts to the groom and his immediate family members. The groom’s family in return, gives their bahu gifts and clothes.

Mehendi and sangeet 

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Here, a function is organised at both houses, followed by lots of dance and masti. In this ceremony, mehendi is applied on the bride’s hands and feet. These days, even grooms apply shagun ki mehendi on their hands. This ceremony is one of the most fun-filled ceremonies of any Punjabi wedding!

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Gana bandhna

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On the morning of the wedding day, the bride and the groom (each in their respective homes), sit for the puja where the sacred thread or mouli is tied to their right wrists. The mouli is tied with supari (betel nut) and kaudis (shells). The thread has to have as many knots as possible in order to make it difficult to untie later.

Chooda ceremony 

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The bride’s maternal uncle gives her red and white bangles known as the chooda. Before wearing, the chooda is kept in a bowl of milk. The bride cannot see her chooda until she is ready for the wedding.

Haldi ceremony

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Both the bride and the groom sit for this ceremony at their respective homes. A paste of haldi is applied on their faces and body to get that natural glow on their wedding. All the family members and relatives also apply oil on the bride and the groom’s forehead and give their blessings. This ceremony is also known as vatna. 

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Gharoli ritual

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The bhabhis of the bride and the groom respectively, bring water in a ghada (earthen pitcher) from the gurudwara and the couple is expected to bathe with this water before the wedding.

Sehrabandi and ghudchadai

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A few hours before the wedding, the sister of the groom ties a sehra on his head, and then he climbs the ghodi.


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The bride and the groom exchange flower garlands before they head for the pheras (vows).

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The father of the bride gives his daughter’s hand to the groom. The couple then takes seven mangal pheras around the sacred fire.

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After all this, the groom ties a Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck and applies sindoor on her forehead. During this ceremony, friends and family shower rose petals on the couple. The newly married couple now takes the blessings of all the elders.

Joota chupai

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When the bride and groom are sitting at the mandap, the sisters of the bride hide the groom's jootas, and return them later, in exchange for money.

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The bride bids goodbye to her maayka. She throws behind a handful of rice without looking back and her mother catches this in her pallu.

Grah pravesh

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After the newlyweds arrive at the groom’s house, his mother greets the couple with aarti and the bride enters her new house by tossing a vessel of rice with her right foot. After the grah pravesh, the entire family sits with the couple and makes them play some fun games.

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Gana kholna

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The bride and groom untie each other's gana in the presence of all the relatives. It is said that whoever wins the game dominates in the married life.

Reception party

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The big, fat and enjoyable Punjabi wedding come to an end with a grand reception party. And it is an important event as the newly-married couple can finally relax after the hectic wedding!

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