6 Post-wedding Fun Games For Newlyweds

6 Post-wedding Fun Games For Newlyweds

Indian marriage trends and celebrations, over the years, have transformed to become better but the desi wedding customs and games still hold their roots. We bring to you some thrilling games and rituals which are always high on list and help break the ice between the bride and her new family.

Joote do paise lo!

Yes, we all know the magic it does to the D-day. Hiding groom's shoes is by far the most interesting aspect of any Indian wedding. Once the duo reaches the mandap for pheras, the groom takes off his shoes and then the bride’s sisters make wacky plans to steal the shoe and demand a huge sum of money in lieu of it. Negotiations go on till the 'jiju' agrees to pay. This prank play has become a must-have Indian custom during the wedlock.

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Rule it with 'ring'

Hoots, giggles and laughter follows and everyone really cut loose when this game takes the centre stage. Couple entering home for the first time are directed to sit surrounding a large container full of milk and rose petals. There is a ring thrown in it and the newlyweds are asked to find it. Whoever finds it first is said to have an upper hand in the marriage. After the sentimental and emotional vidaai ceremony, this lively game comes as a respite.

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Pillow talk

Loaded with excitement and craziness, the pillow game is amusing and fun to play. The couple is asked to sit with their backs towards each other having a pillow fixed in between their shoulders. Then several leg-pulling questions are thrown at the couple to which they have to reply only through nods. As the couple is not allowed to see each other they are not aware how the spouse is responding.

Knotted string

The laughter engulfs the household as the game helps to predict the future relationship and bonding of the 'just-married' couple. Here, the sister of the groom introduces the fun factor by tying several knots to a string. Then the shy husband and wife are asked to untie the knots. It is believed that sooner they do it, smoother their marital life will be.

'Name' game

After having tied the nuptials, the groom is asked to find his name in the mehendi applied on the bride's hands. At times, it takes hours for the guy to look for his name. It is believed that if he fails, the wife will have the command in the marriage and vice versa.

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Family anatakshari

It is fun to play, funnier to watch and makes the occasion rich and vivacious. The singing game sets a different mood altogether. There are two teams in which one of the team starts the game by choosing and singing a song. Other team then starts singing another song with the last alphabet of previous player's song. It is full of gaiety and everyone gets to participate as well.

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