This Delhi-Based NGO Is Recycling 'Mata Ki Chunni' For Rural Brides Who Can't Afford A Wedding


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This Delhi-Based NGO Is Recycling 'Mata Ki Chunni' For Rural Brides Who Can't Afford A Wedding

Getting married wearing all the finery and pretty makeup is almost every girl’s dream ever since she starts understanding what weddings are. While some girls are blessed with limitless spending on trousseau, décor, makeup etc., there are girls who can hardly dream of decent wedding attire because of financial constraints. 

But here’s one NGO in Delhi which is helping out brides in the rural areas with bridal attires made with ‘mata ki chunni’ and bridal kits. 

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Goonj, a Delhi-based Ngo which has been working tirelessly for the betterment of underprivileged women, children and families around India since the last 18 years, is now actively helping rural brides with their wedding lehengas by collecting used wedding dresses from urban cities and recycling them before making them available in rural villages for brides. 

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The NGO recycles ‘mata ki chunni’ that are used for religious purposes in jagratas, pooja and temples. Goonj requested people to give away these ‘mata ki chunni’ which they usually discard in rivers or leave under the trees. 

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Besides wedding lehengas, the NGO is making a bridal kit comprising of clothing, footwear, purses, makeup and cosmetics, jewellery, bed sheets and a utensil set so that the families are less pressurised. 

Here’s what it looks like: 

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Image Courtesy: Facebook 

Goonj has been able to help families around Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar. With these kits, the brides can enjoy the small, little luxuries which they otherwise don’t focus on. 

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Hats off to Goonj for this wonderful initiative! Anyone who wants to be a part of this initiative can refer to their Facebook page.

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