This Bride Called Off The Marriage After Being Forced To Do An Item Number Dance By The Groom


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This Bride Called Off The Marriage After Being Forced To Do An Item Number Dance By The Groom

An item number proved to be too costly an affair for a groom in the Uttar Pradesh area of Firozabad. It was the wedding scene in real life, but the groom tried to get reel effect in it and ended up landing behind bars.

It was an incident that happened during a wedding. While the bride hails from Medu of Hathras district, the groom belongs to Durgnagar area of Rashulpur in Firozabad.

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Everything was going smooth at this wedding function, which was organised at a private hotel close to NH-2 in Agra, until something shocking happened. The would-be bride got disgusted as she was forced to dance on an item number with the groom during the wedding. Her annoyance level crossed its limits and she simply walked out of the stage calling off the marriage.

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bride cancels wedding when forced to dance on an item number

The atrocities of the groom did not end here. His companions stooped down to the level and started abusing the bride’s family members. Angry with the girl's stand, the groom and his relatives got into a tiff followed by a fight with her siblings. To get the situation under control, the bride’s family had to call the police.

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Shashikant Sharma, station in-charge of Uttar Pradesh police station said this in his statement:

"Friends and close associates of the groom were insisting the couple to dance to a popular Bollywood number during the wedding ceremony. But the bride denied to it. Hence, they got the groom to the dance floor. However, the groom did not comply with the bride’s decision and after some time came back to her and forced her to dance with him."

He further said:

 "On seeing his niece being pressurized to dance with the groom, the bride's uncle tried to intervene but was slapped hard. It was too much of humiliation for the bride and she threw away her varmala (garland) and called off the wedding. Her parents and relatives backed her stand with full support."

This Bride Called Off The Marriage On Being Forced To Groove To An Item Number By The Groom

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The entire family of the bride including her father stood by her decision and took the bold stand asking the baraat to leave the venue.

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The item number gave an ugly turn to the wedding, the groom and his associates as they ended up in the police lock-up. Around six men along with the groom and his father were imprisoned by the Uttar Pradesh police. However, later they were released due to absence of any written complaint from the bride's family.