This Popular Bollywood Actor Is Father To A 'Love Child', Here's Why He Didn't Marry His Girlfriend!


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This Popular Bollywood Actor Is Father To A 'Love Child', Here's Why He Didn't Marry His Girlfriend!

Suave and dashing actor, Purab Kohli surprised everyone in 2015, with the news of the birth of his daughter Inaya. Purab is a committed man and happily in love with his girlfriend Lucy.

Inaya is a love child and he has no qualms about accepting it. In fact, Purab is glad that his daughter is a love child.

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Purab is a man who deserves lots of respect from all of us. He didn’t marry his pregnant girlfriend Lucy due to societal pressure and decided to bring their little princess, Inaya in this world as a love child. His reason to do so will melt your heart.

Here is what he said:

"When Inaya was conceived, we were not married and it didn't matter to me. When Lucy called me and said, 'Hey, we are having a baby,' I said 'Wow. Let's do it.' There was pressure to get married. My mother was the most concerned and my family did say you guys have to get married quickly when she was pregnant."

The actor did not want to get married in a hurry only because his partner was expecting. He did not want his daughter to feel that her parents got married only because she was about to arrive.

Here is what the proud father further added:

"She is our love child and has bloomed even more love between both of us and made me love life more. I don't want her to ever feel that it was not meant to be. It was meant in every possible way and she was the force of nature and nothing could stop her from coming into this world."

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Aww, this is really heartwarming to see Purab talk about his little bundle of joy like this. Purab is very much committed to his fiancée Lucy Paython, who is a yoga teacher, based in the UK.

The couple is planning to get married by the end of 2017 in a grand ceremony and they want their daughter to be a part of every ceremony.

Purab shared his wedding plans and said:

"We have legally signed the papers and will have a big celebration next year in London. We just want Inaya to be standing on her two feet and hold the flowers while we take our vows."

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Purab, you are every girl’s man of dreams- the man who is committed, adorable, good-looking and perfect in every sense! You are not only an amazing boyfriend but also an amazing father. Lucy and Inaya are two lucky women! God bless your sweet little family.

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