Influencer Riva Arora's Controversies: Conflicting Age, Synthetic Growth, Unknown Facts About Family

Here's all you need to know about the popular child actor, Riva Arora's personal life. From her height, age, family background, controversial dance with Karan Kundrra, Instagram controversy, and more.


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Influencer Riva Arora's Controversies: Conflicting Age, Synthetic Growth, Unknown Facts About Family

Popular child actor, Riva Arora is one of the most searched Indian celebrities in 2022. However, the attention and publicity that she received this year were completely negative and quite controversial for her acting career. From being trolled for reportedly injecting synthetic growth hormones to receiving flak for romancing 38-year-old actor, Karan Kundrra in a video, Riva Arora has been a controversial figure in the later months of 2022.

Since the controversies have surrounded Riva Arora, a lot of people are interested in knowing about her family background and other personal details. One of the most searched questions about the famous child actor on the internet was about her real age, height, information about her parents, sudden hormonal growth, and Instagram controversy. Thus, in the midst of all these queries and buzz around Riva Arora, we have accumulated all answers to these questions. So without further ado, let’s head into Riva Arora’s biography!

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Riva Arora’s birth date, birthplace, and real age

Riva Arora

Popular child actress, Riva Arora was born on February 1, 2006. As of 2022, the actress is 16 years old. If reports are to be believed, Riva was born and brought up in Delhi.

Riva Arora’s height

Riva Arora height

Another most-asked question about Riva Arora is about her real height. At the same time, a lot has been speculated and said in the context of her height after reportedly injecting synthetic growth hormones. So, as per the reports, Riva’s real height is 5 feet 2 inches.

Riva Arora’s father, mother, and sister

riva arora mother nisha sister father
(Photo: Left to Right: Riva Arora with her mother, Nisha Arora, her father, and her sister, Muskan Arora)

Talking about Riva Arora’s family background, her father passed away many years ago, and even his name is not known to anyone. However, as per some reports, Riva’s father had died due to a leg infection. The child actress’ mother, Nisha Arora, is an advocate by profession and also manages her daughter’s work and finances. The cutesy actress also has a sister, Muskan Arora. However, not much is known about her on the internet.

Riva Arora’s boyfriend

riva arora relationship status boyfriend

As of now, there are no reports or speculations in the media about Riva Arora being in a relationship with someone. The young actress is reportedly single at the moment and is entirely focused on her acting career.

Riva Arora’s acting career in films and television

riva arora

The child actress, Riva Arora made her acting debut in Imtiaz Ali’s critically-acclaimed movie, Rockstar. When she worked in Rockstar (2011), Riva was just one and a half years old. After which, she worked in numerous television commercials. From working as a model for brands like Biba, Flipkart, LG, and many more, Riva has started grabbing a lot of eyeballs for her impressive acting and cuteness.

riva arora

In 2017, she appeared in the film, MOM, but it was her performance in URI: The Surgical Strike (2019) that made her famous overnight. After receiving a lot of praise for her performance, she had portrayed the younger version of Janhvi Kapoor in the film, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020). While Riva is popular for her work in films, she has also worked in the famous television show, Mere Papa Hero Hiralal.

Riva Arora has worked in Hollywood

Riva Arora has worked in Hollywood

Apart from working in Bollywood films, modelling for a lot of renowned brands, and featuring in short films, Naina and Rakshak, not everyone is aware of the fact that Riva Arora has also worked in Hollywood. Yes! You read it right. It was in 2018 when Riva had worked in the film, Best Friends and proved the mettle of her acting skills at such a young age on the global stage.

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Riva Arora’s romantic video with Karan Kundrra

Riva Arora's romantic video with Karan Kundrra

It was in October 2022 when Riva Arora’s romantic Instagram reel with popular actor, Karan Kundrra was posted on the platform. The video literally exploded all over the internet within hours, and both actors received heavy criticism from the viewers. While most of the people were shocked to see Riva in a bold outfit and looking much older than her age, which ignited the speculations of her injecting growth hormones.

Riva Arora's romantic video with Karan Kundrra

However, a lot of people also criticised the 38-year-old Karan for saying ‘yes’ to a project in which he was told to be romantically involved with a 16-year-old girl. People called their video a disturbing one, and soon Riva’s mother, Nisha Arora, was trolled heavily for making money through her daughter’s work in the entertainment industry.

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Riva Arora reportedly took synthetic growth hormones

riva arora

After Riva Arora and Karan Kundrra’s Instagram reel had gone viral on the internet, reports were rife that the former had taken some synthetic growth hormones in order to grow faster than the natural process. Although no concrete proof was recovered, but people were convinced that Riva’s sudden growth wasn’t natural at all. Hence, people started reporting her videos and pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Riva Arora’s Instagram account deleted after her controversial reel with Karan Kundrra

Riva Arora's romantic video with Karan Kundrra

The young actress, Riva Arora looked like an adult woman in her Instagram reel opposite Karan Kundrra, and it not only disturbed a lot of people but also brought some legal actions against the actress and her family. Many people tagged the child abuse organisations in their comments and urged them to take strict action against Riva’s mother.

riva arora

People and the media speculated that Nisha Arora was the one, who corrupted her daughter, Riva Arora and convinced her to inject growth hormones into her body. Amidst all this controversy, Instagram deleted Riva’s handle after a huge number of people complained about the problematic reel and reported it as child abuse. However, as per the latest reports, the actress recovered her Instagram account soon after the controversy and continues to rule the platform with a massive fanbase of 9.4 million followers.

Riva Arora’s mother apologised to NCPCR for her daughter’s romantic reel with Karan Kundrra

riva arora mother nisha arora

Soon after Instagram deleted Riva Arora’s Instagram handle, it was her mother, Nisha Arora, who apologised to NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) for her daughter’s reel with Karan Kundrra. The advocate-mother admitted that it was a mistake on her end to show alcohol and a bar in her daughter’s video and accepted that she and her daughter should’ve been more responsible with their acts on social media. An excerpt from her apology note on Instagram can be read as:

"I, Nisha Arora, tender my apology for the video I made for my daughter Riva Arora’s account where I used alcohol setup and which created so much problem and bad image in the society. I heartily believe being an actor and role models for society, we should portray a good image in society, I wanted to request all child actors and their parents to avoid such kinds of videos. I will take care in future, and I have given an apology letter to the NCPCR and given them all the clarifications related to the issue."

riva arora

What are your thoughts on Riva Arora’s acting career in showbiz? Do you also find her romantic videos opposite men double her age quite disturbing? Let us know.

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