Riteish Deshmukh And Genelia On Trolls For Turning Their Sons Into Vegans, 'Bache Ko Dudh Nhi Dete?'

Riteish Deshmukh and his wife, Genelia Deshmukh, revealed how people trolled them for turning their sons, Riaan and Rahyl, into vegans. They shared how veganism changed their skin and blood reports!


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Riteish Deshmukh And Genelia On Trolls For Turning Their Sons Into Vegans, 'Bache Ko Dudh Nhi Dete?'

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh are the cutest couples in Bollywood. From being friends, falling in love, getting married, being co-stars in films to now becoming business partners, Riteish and Genelia’s relationship has gone through many beautiful stages. The couple is proud parents to two beautiful children, Riaan and Rahyl. 

Riteish and Genelia decided to lead a vegetarian life five years ago. But it was during the lockdown in 2020 that they started to dislike milk. Since then, they have tried a vegan lifestyle and found a noticeable change in their skin and blood reports. In a recent media interaction, the duo opened up about how they made their sons adopt veganism and how people have trolled them as parents for doing this. 

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In a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Genelia Deshmukh was asked how she convinced her sons, Riaan and Rahyl, to leave dairy products and shift to plant-based foods. Answering this, Genelia said that first, she and Riteish turned vegan and started to feel highly energetic and light. Later on, they slowly tried to feed their kids the same. However, people around them trolled the couple as parents for not providing calcium and protein-rich foods like milk, butter and eggs. She said:

“When the kids happened, people were like bache ho dudh nhi de rahe. But as parents, I did my nutrition course and Riteish was extremely supportive. Even in banana there is 1 g of protein, so there is not enough of protein if you don’t plan your meals. But if you plan your meal, India is a gold mine for food. You will get everything here. Whether its chole bhature, rice and potato or idli sambar, everything is vegan”


Further, in the interview, Riteish was asked about the changes he felt after eating only plant-based foods for six long months. To this, he said that they did a blood test before changing their lifestyle to veganism and again did a blood test after following the diet religiously. And as a result, they found a massive difference as they felt energetic and not bloated or tired. Moreover, doctors said their reports stated that they are six and seven years younger now. In his words:

“We did a blood test before going. And we were vegan for about five six months and then we did a blood test again. Our doctors were shocked to say that your blood reports are six to seven years younger than what you were.”

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Genelia and Riteish also started a business together named, Imagine Meats, where they make plant-based foods. Not only this! She is also starred in her hubby, Riteish’s Marathi directorial debut, Ved, as a female lead. In the same interview, the actor admitted that his wife is a better performer than him. He said:

“Genelia was my first choice. And I would direct only if she was played the part because that was an important part. And she talks in Marathi with my mother. And if I have to say just one thing, i would say Genelia is magical on screen. Her last film, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya and every time she was better than me, which I didn’t like much.”


We love how Genelia and Riteish involved their little ones in veganism and a healthy diet!

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