7 Reasons Why Men Are Driven To File For A Divorce


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7 Reasons Why Men Are Driven To File For A Divorce

A lot of married men tend to come up with the same reasons for a divorce. After all, it cannot always be things that the husband has done, right? If your man is distancing himself from you and a breakup is on the horizon from his side, you might want to know what drives a man to call it quits.

So, for all you ladies, here are some of the most common reasons why your men are driven to file for a divorce. Scroll on and have a look!

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#1. You have lost the spunk

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A man’s attraction to a young girl is not totally physical. A man is more drawn to her girlish spirit, which is refreshing and contagious. While an older married woman does not have to become a girl again to impress her man, but at least have a bit of that youthful spark. If you become cynical, serious, hard and defensive, things are not going to work at all.

#2. You are a drama queen

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Men like drama to an extent. In the initial phase of a relationship, fights and arguments add spice and stir new emotions, but as the relationship progresses, he wants some peace and calmness. He does not like being weighed down with the emotional problems of his wife. Avoid all that gossip, cattiness and unnecessary drama, if you want to save your marriage.

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#3. You have given yourself away


Often after marriage, the wife does not give much importance to her appearance, puts on a lot of weight, dresses shabbily and just lets herself go. This is a big mistake! While some men might be forgiving, for many others, this is what pushes them towards straying. So, even if you have put on some kilos, no issues but at least dress up for him, no?

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#4. You are abusive


Any kind of abuse whether it is physical, psychological or emotional brings a lot of pain to the abused. Marriage is based on mutual expectations and dependencies. If you are always finding faults with your husband and are trampling on his ego, he is bound to feel suffocated. Let go of the harsh words and that malicious intent to hurt him every time.

#5. You are strict

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Gif via Giphy

Do you always say “No” to whatever he proposes? If your answer to this is a yes, then it's a big problem. Even if you are saying for his benefit, try compromising sometimes. Listen to what he wants and work out a win-win situation.

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#6. You never appreciate him

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Gif via Giphy

Here is a relationship tip from the experts – if you want a happy hubby, stroke his ego. A man who is appreciated by his wife and feels valued in the relationship will never ever want to leave her. Appreciate his heroism and make him feel like he is everything for you.

#7. You barely communicate


Life can pull you away in different directions, but focusing all the time on your career or kids is bound to make him feel neglected. Take out some time every day to talk to your partner and listen to him. A fun conversation that does not have anything to do with all the stressful factors in your life is a good relationship booster.

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If you have just been ditched or have the feeling of being dumped, then it is the right time for some serius thinking. Get a grip on yourself and take steps to set things right immediately!



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