19 Reasons Why Casual Dating Is Important Before You Get Into A Serious Relationship


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19 Reasons Why Casual Dating Is Important Before You Get Into A Serious Relationship

Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship? The love, the surprises, the cuddles, the long walks, the candlelight and all that jazz? But, before you decide to take the plunge and settle down for 'the one', you need to get to know yourself a little, your potential partner a lot more and do things that will help you explore yourself. If you are looking to be in a serious relationship, then you must be 100 percent sure that you are doing the right thing. Also, you must never regret that you took this step too early and never actually got to live your life the way you wanted to.

So, to help you figure out why it is so important, we get you reasons that why you need to really date for a while, before you commit to be in a serious relationship.

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#1. You need to be sure whether or not he is really into you

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Or, is he just with you for all the wrong reasons? Are his gestures real and make you feel special or is he just interested in being physical with you? Does he remember special dates, your little food allergies, the name of your close friends etc? Or is he just interested in making night plans and is unavailable throughout the day?

#2. Is she taking you for a ride and just passing her time

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Does she love the gifts you give her, the places you take her to and the car you ride in, more than you? Does she shy away from making you meet her friends? Is she available to meet you only on her terms? You are the best judge here!

#3. What if he still lives on his parent’s money and has no identity of his own?

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If he can’t take care of you now, how can you depend on him for giving you a safe and secure future? Men like that lack the sense of responsibility and fail to complete tasks that they start, which also makes them unreliable. And seriously, if he is ready to date, it is high time that he should be ready to work!

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#4. You need to take the road less travelled alone to discover yourself

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It is only when you travel alone that you discover yourself, see new places, learn new things and become a much more sensible person! And whether you like it or not, travelling after you are in a committed relationship is more like a romantic getaway.

#5. You need more of those boys’ nights out without the need to explain where you were

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Because when you are with our boys you are yourself! The booze, the drives, the tech talks and all that manly stuff that you need to do, would not be possible as easily after you start to date! And, if you happen to be with an overprotective and rather needy girl, you can bid farewell to your boys’ gang for good!

#6. You need more of those all girls sleepovers to talk about boys, paint your nails and gossip all night long

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Painting your nails, talking about boys and gossiping all night long! That’s why you love your girlies and your time together so much!

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#7. You need to be sure of all his/her annoying habits and how much of it is bearable for you

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Some guys don’t even realise the annoying things that they do and those habits can seriously get on a woman’s nerves. Like eating with his mouth open, not bathing on holidays till late, burping loudly in public etc. It is you who needs to decide if you are okay with it not just now, but in the long run too!

#8. You don’t need a guy who loves his work more than you

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Not that he should leave work for you, but he shouldn’t leave you for his work either! If his work is really important that he always chooses it over you, he should rather date his work only!

#9. What if he runs away at the sight of your ‘’waking up in the morning, no makeup kind of look’’?

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Come on, you can’t be dressed in your best clothes and decked up all the time! That’s your ‘me time’, ‘relax time’ and ‘you don’t care how you look’ time! And it is only when you are really comfortable with your guy and have been with him for long, that your early morning looks seem normal to each other.

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#10. You don’t want things to move too fast when you are still young and have all the time in the world for everything

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You have so much to see, to learn and to do. Relationships can wait, but the time when you are young, full of beans and ready to conquer; the world won’t wait for you forever! Unless your gut tells you that this is really meant to be, live your life being single a little more before entering the other beautiful committed phase of your life.

#11. You need to discover more options and choose the best one for you

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As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so why settle for the first one?

#12. What if he is a sex addict? You need to spend time with him to be sure of his character

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You don’t want to end up being hurt, injured or abused just because you hurried into the relationship. Being careful and aware is better than having a fake happy relationship!

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#13. Or a serial killer?

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No seriously, what if he is one? Lol!

#14. Or a true mamma’s boy

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Well, when you finally want to settle down, you want a guy who respects his mother, not worships her and runs like a battery-operated toy on her commands!

#15. She could also be an unimaginably true example of a daddy’s/mamma’s girl

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And even after your disapproval, shares everything with her parents and behaves like a spoilt imaginary princess along with letting her folks interfere in your personal matters.

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#16. What if this is not meant to be and you suffer a severe heartbreak

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Letting yourself know him or her better is the sanest choice. You not only get to hang out more without any strings attached, but you also get time to decide whether this is what you actually wanted or not and so, avoid getting your heart broken later.

#17. What if he is so unhygienic that you don’t even wish to go near him

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Most women like their partners to be neat and clean, well-groomed and dressed with decent public manners and table etiquettes. If you are one of them too, what if this guy you are with turns out to be the complete opposite? Don’t you want to be sure of that before you commit to him rather than regretting later?

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#18. And she is the sort of person who tells her friends everything about the two of you

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Yes, friends do share a lot with each other, especially girls, but what if she is the type of girl who lets her BFF’s know every tiny detail about your love life, your sex life, your fights and everything else and gets easily influenced with their advice? You certainly do not want an unwanted third person in your life for the rest of it now, do you?

#19. He might introduce you to his parents after a few dates and you don’t want to get engaged so soon

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Like you might want to skip dating, he might want to skip the long relationship phase and want to settle down for which he makes you meet his folks. What now? You like the guy but don’t want to get married, you need more time but at the same time you don’t know how to say no and certainly don’t wish to break his heart! So, unless you want to find yourself caught in such a dilemma, you ought to wait before rushing in!

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Having said that, we do not mean that being in a serious relationship can jeopardise your freedom, but if you rush into the wrong one, it surely will. So, if you want to be with the perfect person, have the perfect relationship and be happy about your decision, take some time before you commit, and get to know yourself and your partner better!



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