Ram Charan Recalls The Oscar Winning Moment, Says, 'My Wife's Hand Was Like Mike Tyson's'

After returning home from a historic Oscar win, Ram Charan opens up about his feelings during the exact moment of the win.


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Ram Charan Recalls The Oscar Winning Moment, Says, 'My Wife's Hand Was Like Mike Tyson's'

Ram Charan has made the entire nation proud as his film, RRR made history and won an Oscar Academy Award. And now, as the talented actor returned to his motherland from Los Angeles, he shared his exact feelings at the moment of the win.

Ram Charan says he felt numb at the exact winning moment

In an interview with Zoom, Tollywood superstar, Ram Charan opened up on his feelings when the name of his blockbuster film, RRR was announced as the winner of the Oscar Academy Award. Calling the moment exceptionally emotional, Ram mentioned that all he felt was his wife, Upasana’s hand tightened around his arm. In his words:

“We went numb, no feeling. All I could feel was my wife’s tight hand like it was Mike Tyson’s hand. All that is the emotion we have been carrying. I am happy that they appreciated good cinema and the excellence of SS Rajamouli, MM Keeravani, and Chanrabose.”

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Ram Charan expresses how he has been soaking in such glory

Winning at the Oscars is a milestone achievement for every actor. However, it is more of the team’s success when the whole team of the film is honoured with glory. Ram Charan, who has been gradually absorbing such honour, mentioned how the feeling has still not sunk in. Recalling how as a team, they bowed and touched down at such an award, he mentioned:

“I didn't touch down, but we touched down as a team. The whole RRR team touched down. And yes, it's been a couple of hours, two days, and we are still soaking in all the excitement. I am still pinching myself and my wife is still pinching me saying did it really happen.”


Ram Charan’s ritualistic practice of setting up a shrine wherever he goes

Right before winning the Academy award, Ram Charan sat down for a special interview with Vanity Fair as he got ready to join the prestigious event. However, what caught everyone’s attention was when Ram revealed that he and his wife, Upasana have a mandatory habit of setting up a small temple wherever they go. Explaining how this small act helps them to connect their positive energies, Ram mentioned:

“Wherever I go, usually my wife and I set up this temple, this ritual, it just keeps us connected to our energies and India, and it is very important for all of us to when we being out day, thanking and showing gratitude to everything and every person who has helped us be here. Not too much, but it's just a few moments and we hit the road."

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When Ram Charan praised that his wife and unborn child are bringing him all the luck

For the unversed, Ram Charan and his loving wife, Upasana is expecting their first child together. And in a time when the family has been blessed with so many awards and achievements, their child is sure to bring in the biggest blessing of all. During another interview before his big Academy award win, Ram heaped praises and love on his wife and exclaimed how his unborn child brings so much luck in their lives. Mentioning that his wife is six months pregnant, Ram said:

"Absolutely. She is pregnant as well. So I think...ya six months... I think that the baby is bringing us so much luck. From the Globes to standing with you guys right here."

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Congratulations to Ram Charan and the team of RRR for such a historic win!

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