Priyanka Chopra's Mother Madhu Chopra Reveals The Time When She Had 'Given Up' On Her Marriage


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Priyanka Chopra's Mother Madhu Chopra Reveals The Time When She Had 'Given Up' On Her Marriage

When you enter your late twenties, it seems like your whole family and relatives have just one concern in their lives- your marriage! Especially, when you wait for a suitable time and think of marriage as a secondary or no concern at all in our lives, people constantly reminding us to get married soon becomes one of the most irritating things ever. Ditto us, eh? (Do Read: Priyanka Chopra's Mom, Madhu Has An Important Advice For 'Beti' And 'Damaad' Nick Jonas)

But hey! Although your mother’s constant reminder for you to get married might pester you, but it is important to realise the genuine concern she has for you. And when it boils down to our favourite Bollywood actresses, the situation of ‘concern over marriage’ is no different! Same was the situation for Priyanka Chopra’s marriage and her beautiful mommy, Madhu Chopra’s concern for her star daughter’s ‘settling down’.

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Priyanka and Nick’s roka ceremony got the paparazzi rolling! Everything happened in a proper traditional way, with a puja and roka, at complete par with the Indian tradition. In an interview with After Hrs, Madhu Chopra shared that she is glad with Priyanka finally finding the man of her dreams. She said, “Priyanka has always been ambitious about her career and I was just supporting her and wishing the best for her, as a mother. I used to pester her, but in the last two-three years, I had stopped. I had given up. Yeh sab cheez ka ek time hota hai, it’s all destiny.” She further said, “I told her that I want to meet Nick’s family.” (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra's Celebrations On The Sets Of 'The Sky Is Pink', Cut The Most Elegant Cake)

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A panditji revealing the insides of the puja at Priyanka’s house got many people asking for more! Now, mommy Chopra herself shared the insides of the puja and her to-be son-in-law ad her family’s reaction to it. Madhu laughed off by saying, “Nick enjoyed the prayers during the puja”. And further added, “It was a new thing for him and he took it seriously. He followed what our panditji said, and chanted the Sanskrit mantras accurately. Both he and his parents did it beautifully. They are nice people.”

Like most mothers who have lost their husbands, Madhu ji shared that she got all ‘emotional’ and missed her husband, Ashok Chopra, who had always wanted to see Priyanka getting married. Speaking of what kind of a wedding she wants (traditional Indian wedding or Christian), mommy Chopra shared, “My daughter knew I wanted a roka before the marriage, so she never said ‘no’. I haven’t forced any of my thoughts on her, but I definitely want a traditional Indian wedding. That’s my only wish. I started the roka with a puja, which is important for me. I’m a modern mother but at heart, I’m quite conservative”.

Kevin Jonas Shares Pics From Priyanka and Nick Engagement Ceremony

Now for the most awaited part! Do you remember something? When Nick had come to India to meet Priyanka’s loved ones and her mom, Madhu ji had shared this upon asked about how she felt after meeting Nick, “We just went out for dinner where Nick was present. But it was a large group. There were 10-odd people, so I didn’t get the time to know him that well.” When further probed about what she thought of Nick, she had said, “I’ve met him for the first time, so it’s too early to form an opinion.”

But see, how time changes! Now, the doting to-be sasu maa, is all praises for her future son-in-law! Speaking of her daughter’s choice and Nick, she shared, “I always trust Priyanka’s judgment; she’s not impulsive. She gave it a lot of thought and when she decided on something, I was sure it would be good.” Speaking of Nick, she shared, “Nick is calm and mature. He’s a wonderful person and everyone in the family just loves him. He’s so polite and respectful towards elders. What more can a mother want!”

Priyanka Nick Madhu

So when is the wedding? Mommy Chopra concluded by saying, “They haven’t decided on a wedding date yet. It’s too soon. These are just baseless rumours. Both of them have work commitments right now which they need to finish. They will take some time to decide where they want it and when they want it”. (Don't Miss! Parineeti Chopra Reveals 'Joota Chupai' Plans With 'Jiju' Nick Jonas At His Wedding With Priyanka)

Whoa! Looks like Madhu ji actually spoke her heart out! Doesn't Priyanka and Nick’s jodi look straight out of a fairytale? It surely does!

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