Priyank Sharma Blocks Benafsha Soonawalla On Social Media, Her Reaction Was Totally Unexpected!


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Priyank Sharma Blocks Benafsha Soonawalla On Social Media, Her Reaction Was Totally Unexpected!

Bigg Boss is one reality show which brings forward all the drama, fights, controversies and even builds a good relationship between the contestants. It is one of the most talked about shows. Bigg Boss season 11 contestants Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma have been in the headlines due to their close proximity while they were in the show.

When it comes to Priyank, he has been a controversy child since the season’s inception. And his close friendship with Ben has always brought him into the limelight. However, Benafsha and Priyank fighting and getting back to being friends is what we have always seen in their relationship. Recently, the buddies got into another fight again but this time, Priyank blocked Ben on his social media. Although, like always, they sorted everything between them and Priyank even showed some love to her by replying on Benafsha's tweet which said, “Ya that's why you shouldn't fight with me see it gives you stress. Now since you've blocked me from everywhere because you love me so much call me I've no other place to contact you hahaha.”

Benafsha's Tweet To Priyank On Their Recent Fight

 Priyank's Reply On Benafsha's Tweet On Their Recent Fight

On this, her friend Priyank's quote could be read as, “I will not be appreciating the fact that since none of you knows what kind of a girl she is and how close is she to me. Let's say no to wrong judgements and spread peace. #iloveyoumybenu” While on one hand, we are gushing over their cute friendship, on the other hand, we wonder what was the topic of the fight which made Priyank go all the way blocking her from every medium? However, as long as they have reconciled, all their fans are delighted that everything is fine between them.

Priyank Sharma Benafsha Soonawalla

For the unfamiliar ones, when Priyank Sharma got evicted from the Bigg Boss house, he was asked about his relationship with Benafsha. He retorted, “Benafsha and I have a beautiful relationship, we pull each other’s leg. Voh hum masti-mazak karte hain. I know it has been portrayed like she was after me but let me now say it, I love Benafsha Soonawalla more than you love me girl. I have earned her in this show though I know her since the beginning.”

Priyank Sharma Benafsha Soonawalla

In another interview with SpotboyE, he also spoke about his closeness with Ben inside the house and said that they are very close but just as friends. They knew each other before entering the house. He also said that they used to support each other in the house in all the matters. He also accepted that he was a bit protective of her but then, he had the same feelings for Hina too. When Benafsha left the show, he used to stay more with Hina. But that doesn’t mean that Hina and he were dating. In fact, it was just pure friendship on that front. He confessed, he loves Ben but just as a friend and respects her too.

We are in love with the little nok-jhok in their friendship and we wish their friendship stays strong forever!

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