Pooja Bhatt's Love Life: From Abusive Relation With Ranvir Shorey To Broken Marriage Of 11 Years


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Pooja Bhatt's Love Life: From Abusive Relation With Ranvir Shorey To Broken Marriage Of 11 Years

She made her acting debut when she was just 17-year-old with the film named, Daddy, which was directed by her own father. Yes, she is the daughter of a renowned Bollywood film director. Both the father and the daughter have made their niche in their respective fields. Not just this, in fact, there is talent in the genes of this family. We are talking about none other than, Mahesh Bhatt and his eldest daughter, Pooja Bhatt. But in this article, we are going to unveil some not-so-known facts about Pooja Bhatt’s love life.

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Pooja Bhatt

From the lip-lock with her father Mahesh ji for a magazine shoot to posing all naked with only paint on her body, Pooja Bhatt has always been in the lap of controversies. There is no denying the fact that Pooja has always been the target of the hullabaloo, courtesy to the fact that she is always ahead of her times. Pooja has a list of flings and affairs right from Bobby Deol, Fardeen Khan to Ranvir Shorey. And finally, she found her true love in Munish Makhija to only part ways with him after years of being in nuptial bond. Here you go with her love life!

A bit on the professional front

Pooja Bhatt

Before jumping directly on to Pooja Bhatt’s love life, let us give you a sneak-peek about her professional life. Pooja was a prominent and much-loved actress of the 90s era. She has given many hits with movies like Daddy, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Sadak and Zakhm. The success of all these films is to her credit. Though she disappeared from the industry without a trace, she has worked with biggies of the tinsel town namely, Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Pooja Bhatt

In addition to all of this, Pooja also owns a production company named, Pooja Bhatt Productions. As a director, she had given some amazing movies such as Holiday (2006), Dhokha (2007), Kajraare (2010) and Jism 2 (2012).

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Controversial equation with father Mahesh Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt was born to ace film director, Mahesh Bhatt and his first wife Lorraine Bright. She later changed her name to Kiran in order to marry Mahesh. At the age of just 20, Mahesh and Lorraine tied the knot and a year later, the couple was blessed with Pooja Bhatt. As and when Pooja Bhatt is talked about, the foremost thing that comes up is her lip-lock with father Mahesh Bhatt and his statement afterwards.

Pooja Bhatt

In every newspaper back in the 90s, there were shocking revelations about Pooja’s alleged relationship with her father. In addition to this, what added fuel to the fire was their lip kiss picture for a magazine shoot cover. In fact, the lead story’s headline had a statement where it was written that he would have married Pooja if she wasn’t his daughter. It stated, "If Pooja wasn't my daughter, I'd have loved to marry her." 

Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt

After this incident happened, no one fended this off as a natural affection of a father, rather a lot of hue and cry happened. Everyone started speculating that if the father-daughter duo is in an incest relationship. Though neither Mahesh nor Pooja made comments on this issue, wild speculations have followed ever since.

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Infamous live-in relationship with Ranvir Shorey

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

One of the infamous relationships of Pooja Bhatt has been, undoubtedly, with Ranvir Shorey. Pooja and Ranvir were a thing long back and the then lovers even stayed together in an apartment. And if the reports are to be believed, Pooja and Ranvir were in fact engaged to each other. The two allegedly broke off because of Ranvir’s abusive behaviour, over drinking habit, and specifically, for an incident where he struck her in a drunken stupor. In an interview, Pooja even shared that she was in a relationship with an alcoholic who used to beat her up.

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

On the other hand, in an explosive interview, Ranvir shared a totally different story. Sharing how their relationship was, Ranvir after their bitter separation stated:

“Just like any normal couple. We had our share of tiffs. But today (pauses and begins to look at the ceiling). I used to drink at her place. Often, she used to say I was drinking too much and not taking enough care of her. On such occasions, I used to volunteer leaving the scene. That used to irritate her, and she would get violent. A scuffle would ensue. Mind you, it takes me drinking to get violent. She gets violent without drinking, too. I must have told her a relationship cannot work if she behaved like this at least 30 times.”

Pooja Bhatt

When he was asked about that night when the ugly spat happened and they decided to part ways, he said:

“Like every day, I was at Pooja's place. The usual scuffle ensued. I decided to call off the relationship. Things got out of hand. I packed my bags and left. When I slid behind the steering wheel of my car, I realised I had forgotten one of my bags. I started calling Pooja on her cell phone (groans). She disconnected my calls. I kept trying to reach her. As I was dialling, I heard the glass shatter around me. I looked back to see that both windows of my car had been broken. I came out and saw Pooja's brother Rahul standing with an iron rod. I was dazed. Before I knew what happened, he started whacking me with the rod.”

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Pooja Bhatt

And when he was asked, Pooja said that he was having a scuffle and she got hurt, he interrupted:

“Rubbish. Rahul was not present at the time Pooja and I quarrelled. I am still not able to figure out how he sprung up outside my car. Her statements that I hit on her stitches and her brother came to her rescue are all lies.”

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

Apart from Ranvir Shorey, Pooja was also rumoured to be dating, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin co-star, Aamir Khan, Fardeen Khan and sometime in the middle of it all even Bobby Deol happened to her and she had a fling with him.

Found love in Manish Makhija

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

After all this, Pooja finally found love in Manish Makhija, who was also famous by the name of Udham Singh. Manish happens to be an Indian VJ, and Mumbai-based restaurateur. Pooja and Manish met each other, became best of friends and soon started having hots for one another. Without wasting any time, Pooja and Manish walked down the aisle in 2003 after dating for only 2 months. Sadly, the two walked down the aisle only to part ways in 2014 after 11 blissful years of marriage.

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

Pooja chose to clarify the reason for the divorce on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, where she posted:

"I choose to live life on MY terms & refuse to perform to the gallery. Certificates don't make or break marriages & relationships! Life does! To all those who care & especially those that don't my husband Munna & Me have decided to part ways after 11 glorious years of marriage. Our split as some might call it is amicable & we hold each other in the highest esteem for now and forever. The reason I explain Is because we are both part of the public domain. Our friends, well-wishers, and foes are free to now speculate. :)"

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

In an interview with SpotboyE later, she spoke about her split and was quoted as saying:

“Nobody asks you why you fell in love, so they shouldn’t ask you why you fell out of love. The truth is that Munna and I had a glorious marriage.  People were mortified when we tied the knot. We had dated for just two months and decided to take the plunge (smiles).  It lasted 11 glorious years (pauses).”

Pooja Bhatt and Ranvir Shorey

She further went on to add:

“The responsibility of being so serious in life was bogging me down. Ditto for the the responsibility of being responsible for everything. I had the privilege of being in union with the man I call my friend; I could sit down with him and talk to him. And so I did. Yes, it was not as simple as it sounds. And mind you, it was not easy for both of us. But we took that brave step of having a honest conversation. Today, we are in a space where there is genuine respect for each other.”

Signing off, Pooja remarked:

“By the end of 12th year, we decided to call it quits. The obvious thing to ask is: Was it because of somebody else? No, it wasn’t. It was simply because of us. If there is a void between you and your partner, you should be able to sit down with him/her to acknowledge that there has been a certain degree of growth in both of you but unfortunately in different directions. Not many people have the audacity and capacity to do that. Munna is somebody who knew when to lead and when to step back. Not all men have that quality. My father has that rare quality. He knows when to let his daughters, sisters and wives shine. I had that terrific equation with Munna and I am very grateful to him for that... but I guess that some things have to end one day. I reached a point in my marriage when I felt that I shouldn't live a lie.”

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Pooja Bhatt’s love life has been always full of controversies. In case we missed out on some aspect that you know, do let us know in the comments box below!

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