'Naagarjuna' Fame Pooja Banerjee Tells How She Is Keeping Herself Relaxed Before Wedding


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'Naagarjuna' Fame Pooja Banerjee Tells How She Is Keeping Herself Relaxed Before Wedding

Wedding, engagements, celeb baby pictures, and whatnot, this year has seen an amazing start with so many good news. After Kavita Kaushik, another television beauty to tie the knot is none other than famous show Naagarjuna's actress, Pooja Banerjee.

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This Bong beauty is all set to tie the knot with heartthrob Sandeep Sejwal, who happens to be a national level athlete. Yes, this beautiful damsel will enter the doubles club on February 28, 2017.

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The countdown has already begun. Just a few days are left for the lovebirds' D-day, and the actress shares with us all her secrets of getting relaxed before her big day.

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In a candid interview with us, Pooja has shared some exclusive details on how she is pampering herself a few days before her wedding. So, when we asked her what all she is doing these days, the actress was quoted as saying:

“As of now I’m chilling these days because this is what is very important. I had a deadline in my mind that by February 10, I’ll complete all my work by then. And I made sure I complete it. Since the work is complete, right now I’m at peace.”

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She is one such person, who has learnt a lot from the weddings of her all her friends. So, she is chilling at home these days as she is quite sorted.

She stated:

“In my friend’s group, I’m the last one to get married. All my friends have got married. And I have seen during their weddings that they used to be so hassled. They used to be busy shopping with their in-laws, family and friends. And then, they are always so stressed out and I feel that they had missed out on the planning. Your wedding day should be a fun day rather than a compulsion and that’s what I feel and that’s what I’ve made it very clear.”

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The actress further added:

“And now my energy is more to be with my family, spending time with my mother and going out for dinners with my parents.”

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Moreover, it seems that Pooja is very close to her mom. The reason why we are saying so is that she is keeping good care of her by treating her with good food.

Here’s what she said:

“When wedding happens no matter what, the bride’s mom is the most lost person. So, that’s why I’m taking care of her. And I make sure that I serve her a nice breakfast in bed.”

Not just this, Pooja is enjoying and relaxing in pool doing swimming late night and pampering herself in the best possible way. In fact, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram:

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The caption along with the picture could be read as:

“Nothing like a late night swim... let's relax before the craziness begins.. 12 days more to go..So to calm my nerves, this is how I relax before my D day ;) wedding jitters you see @sandeepsejwal”

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And when we asked apart from swimming what all she is doing to keep herself calm and relaxed, the actress gushed:

“I am cooking every day. That takes a good amount of focus actually. Yesterday I cooked daal makhni and palak paneer. Then today I made butter chicken. I am spending good amount of time in cooking. So, in the morning I’m busy cooking in the kitchen and then I complete little bit of works or I go out to meet my friends or else I take my parents out.”

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About the pre-bridals, the actress shared something different from what we usually expect from an actress.

Here’s what she stated:

“I don’t believe in them. I feel all this isn’t worth. The only pre-bridal thing I’m doing right now is I’m not working. And that’s what is important. Instead of spending money on pre-bridals and all the therapies, it’s better that I take some rest and be with my family and friends. And that’s in itself is a good pre-bridal thing, no?

She further added:

“Plus, I am eating healthy food too. And cheat sometimes like I had vada pav and then I land up having a little bit of butter chicken. But I make sure I maintain the other meals to nutritious ones.”

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The bride-to-be will land in the capital city for her wedding on February 24. And, as far as the wedding functions are concerned, they will kick-start from February 26 onwards. She even shared that all her industry friends from Swim Team, Naagarjuna and other friends are planning some surprise dance performance for the couple. Here’s what the actress told us:

“My Nagpur friends, my Swim Team friends, Naagarjuna, my Mumbai friends and my swimming friends, so there are four sets of friends and they are preparing some dance performance and none of them has told me what they are doing.”

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Well, Team BollywoodShaadis would like to wish this bubbly and ever smiling girl, Pooja Banerjee and the love of his life, Sandeep all the very best for their big day. Much love to you both!

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