Latest Trend Of Pockets In Bridal Lehenga Is Making Bridal Outfits More Comfortable And Fashionable


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Latest Trend Of Pockets In Bridal Lehenga Is Making Bridal Outfits More Comfortable And Fashionable

Gone are the days when the brides used to sit like maharanis in their spectacular lehengas. These days, royalty and comfort are what goes hand in hand. The urban and independent women want everything cool, funky and yet practical. The brides are now shifting towards a mix of elegance, opulence and ease. At each and every point, they indicate an appetite for comfort. And that is where we feel the need to talk about the new-age lehengas with pockets.

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The wedding couture with pockets is the latest trend that is being checked out for. With the pocket phenomena, there is hardly a need to cling on to the clutches. Taking selfies throughout the wedding sequences and putting that mehendi in the most carefree manner is the purpose, the pocket serves. So, whether it’s your BFF’s or your own wedding, pockets by are your side is the latest mantra to go by. Let’s sneak peek into the raging and trending pockets.

High on fashion- It’s different

Pocket Lehenga Trend

Images Courtesy: Pinterest

Whether you are a bride or attending a wedding, pockets in your lehenga look chic, updated and a re-take on the older versions. Also, when it comes to wearing experimental clothing, the couture with pockets can be your best choice. With pocket lehengas, you are bound to make a statement and drive away the fashion-related monotony. So, apart from the functional purpose, it also amps up the style of your outfit.

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Cute, clever and conventional

Payal Khandwala Pocket Lehenga

Images Courtesy: Designer Payal Khandwala

Pockets are one of the most useful features we can visualize in a wedding wear. Be it your lip glosses, hankies or your handset; with pockets, your knick-knacks are just at an arm’s length (literally) when you need them the most. So, don’t underestimate the power of this minute detail which can make you go all leisurely and carefree.

Big relief with the mini magic

Pocket Lehenga

Images Courtesy: Pinterest

Pocket-details are not only handy but also come as a respite when you are looking for space and a hand to hold your tiny and precious belongings. Whether you need to take group selfies, feel relaxed during your sagan or just need to brush up your make-up; a pocket is all by your side. Now, why to hold on to the fussy bags and purses when you can derive a meaning out of the pockets? Plus, it really sucks to carry your belongings in your hands all through the ceremony and rituals.

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For the brides to feel special

Designer Anita Dongre Pocket Lehenga

Images Courtesy: Designer Anita Dongre

The bridal couture with pockets is not only extremely fashionable but also makes the bride feel at ease. They get a chance to say ‘I do’ in a most relaxed and cheerful way. The pockets compliment their style statement and at the same time make the wedding wear meaningful. With pockets, brides can surely stand out.

The mind behind

Designer Payal Khandwala Pocket Lehenga

Images Courtesy: Designer Payal Khandwala

For each and every conception and a model, there are always masterminds behind. Ladies can always be thankful for the lovely creation and innovations by the designers. After all the creators are the ones who have made many of the brides’ dreams come alive.  To name a few, designer Anita Dongre and Payal Khandwala's line of couture have these pockets details in every outfit.

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Designer Anita Dongre Pocket Lehenga

Images Courtesy: Designer Anita Dongre

Designer Anita Dongre said:

 “I’ve started putting pockets in my lehengas so that the bride can have some space to keep her cute love notes or her phone for that last-minute selfie.”

Take some notes

Pocket Lehenga

No doubt the pockets are always functional and friendly, but swollen pockets on your lehengas will surely be a bad sight. A bulging pocket is one of the most commonly committed wardrobe crimes. So, stop yourself from bulging syndrome and don’t put your entire world inside. Use it purposely and let it look as slim as it can. Take care while you stuff things and save yourself from a fashion faux pas.

So, for the urban and edgy brides; being light yet stylish are the first things in mind. They need space (literally) and that is where the pocket-themed lehenga stands out. It not only enhances your wedding wardrobe in terms of style and trend but also offers you a great deal of comfort. So, girls, it’s time you get your designs altered with the ones with pockets and live your dream in a most hassle-free way.

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