9 People Who Make A Bride's Wedding Day A Dream Come True


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9 People Who Make A Bride's Wedding Day A Dream Come True

A wedding is not a one man show. Yes, you and your partner are the most important and pampered people during the events and ceremonies, but to make it what it is ‘’a grand success and celebration’’, there are more than a few people without whom a wedding cannot be materialised.

From planning to execution to providing you all the support you need, these people take care of every detail to make sure that you get your fairytale wedding that you have always dreamt of until now. So, here are those 9 important beings who you need for a stress-free wedding.

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#1. Boutique lady

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Well, this is one person without whom your wedding cannot take place. From designing your trousseau to making your wedding outfits, she does it all. All you need to do is tell her your preferences and give her your measurements, she is right for you to take the entire charge. She and her team are responsible for stitching and creating beautiful outfits that make you look like a princess on as well as after your wedding.

#2. Best friends

Image Courtesy: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Image Courtesy: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

From choosing your wedding wear, going lingerie shopping to sitting all night long and making lists. Your best friends are there by your side all the time. They are there with you to support you during your mood swings. They are the only people who know you inside out, they know how to pamper you, spoil you and keep you in the right frame of mind always.

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#3. Mom and dad

Images Courtesy: Instagram

Images Courtesy: Instagram

Can your wedding even come in the picture without your parents being a part of it, let alone it being complete? Certainly not! Every parent dream of their daughter’s wedding from the day she is born. And so, they leave no stone unturned in making sure it’s the perfect wedding along with being your biggest pillars of support. They are there by your side at any time of the day or night. Plus, they have the answers to all your questions and solutions to all your worries as well.

#4. Siblings and cousins

Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor

Whether you have a sister or a brother, the bond that siblings share with each other is one like no other. From pulling your leg as and when they get a chance to making sure you are happy all the time, and from planning all the dance rehearsals to making sure everyone gets along with each other and behaves well at the wedding, they do everything possible thing in their stride to make your wedding a dream come true for you. Isn’t it?

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#5. Vendors

Image Courtesy: Band Baaja Baaraat

Image Courtesy: Band Baaja Baaraat

Do we even need to elaborate on this one? They know their job is to make sure everything is done on time and with perfection. From decorating the venue to getting the flowers to managing the food to setting up the DJ floor to being experts in crisis management and whatnot, they take every tiny stress regarding the wedding arrangements off your heads and onto theirs to give you a rocking event.

#6. Wedding stylist

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Those gorgeous smoky eyes and that ravishing red lip pout to the trendiest hairdo, your wedding stylist is one person who makes it a point to style you as the most beautiful bride. You wedding stylist is the one who makes you look like a diva on your D-day.

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#7. Photographer

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

But what if you don’t have memories of them to look back many years down the lane? Your wedding photographer takes charge of that, and clicks all the candid and lovely pictures of your special occasion. And not just that, your photographer is the one who make videos of the special moments as well. All this for you to cherish your day for a lifetime.

#8. Would-be spouse

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh

What would your wedding be without him, right? His constant love and support, pampering you when you need that the most, an ear to lend when you want to talk things out, a comforting hug when you are super-stressed and his eye contact when you walk down the aisle towards him; these are all the things that make you sail through this phase life a feather and make you want to marry him sooner.

#9. Pet

Image Courtesy: dkreate photography

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

One sad face and your dog knows something’s not right! One tear and it licks your face like an uncontrollable machine. They are loving, loyal and nature’s best ever stress busters. No one can make you feel more loved, special and wanted than your dog. And his wagging tail is all you need to throw away your worries straight out of the window.

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So, if you just got married or are about to tie the knot soon, tag all these important people to let them know how grateful you are to them and how much you love them for all that they are and do for you. 



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